News Release: LPM Senate Candidate Will Control Outcome of Election

LPM Senate Candidate Will Control Outcome of Election
Tim O’Brien

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DEARBORN. Michael Corliss, likely Libertarian Party of Michigan candidate for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Spencer Abraham, says he expects that, even if he doesn’t win the election next November, his candidacy will, at the very least, determine who does.

“The latest poll,” observes Corliss, “put the Republican incumbent, Spence Abraham, in a virtual dead heat with Democrat party candidate, Debbie Stabenow.”

The poll, conducted by Mitchell Research, showed 39% favoring or leaning towards Abraham and 40% favoring or leaning towards Stabenow with 21% giving no answer. The poll did not include the Libertarian candidate. However, in this same race six years ago LP candidate, Jon Coon, took almost 5% of the vote.

“Naturally,” said Corliss, “I hope to win the election. But I am not so unrealistic as to believe that likely. On the other hand, ” he asked, “what are the chances that I will not get more votes than the margin for either of the old party candidates?”

Corliss believes he can use that leverage to advance the Libertarian agenda.

“I am making no secret of my campaign platform and either of them should feel free to steal my issues — and my votes.

“To Mr. Abraham I say this. I will absolutely oppose any attempt to tax the Internet. This new medium has fantastic potential and I pledge to the people of Michigan that I am determined to keep cyberspace a ‘Free Trade Zone.’ I invite my putative ‘anti-tax’ Republican opponent to make a similar commitment. And maybe, in so doing,” Corliss adds with a sly grin, “he can take away some of my support and win the election.”

“To Ms. Stabenow I say this. I will staunchly defend the right of Michigan and every other state to make their own laws concerning medicines such as marijuana. Furthermore, I will demand an immediate cease fire in the horribly destructive and anti-constitutional ‘War on Drugs,’ and an immediate end to so-called “Asset Forfeiture.’ I invite my ostensible ‘civil liberties’ Democrat opponent to make a similar promise. And maybe, in so doing,” Corliss adds with another smile at the prospect, “she can take away some of my support and win the election.”

“To both of my opponents. I implore you to join me in advocating the surest way to end terrorism — disentangling our country from all of our foreign commitments and promising an end to all of our foreign interventions.

“And to anyone who says that I won’t have enough support to make the difference in this election,” Corliss concludes, “I say: now who is being unrealistic?”

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