News Release: LPM Senate Candidate Gives Abraham a “D” on Economic Club Speech

LPM Senate Candidate Gives Abraham a “D” on Economic Club Speech
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DEARBORN. Michael Corliss, the Livonia High School teacher actively seeking the Libertarian Party nomination for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Spencer Abraham, gave the Republican a “D” for his speech at the Economic Club of Detroit today.

“For starters, Mr. Abraham advocated a substantial expansion of federal involvement in education,” Corliss observed, referring to Abraham proposals that federal block grants be increased and new federal standards be imposed on teachers.

“This should be an entirely state and local concern. And,” he added with clear appreciation of the irony, “involves a federal department that the senator’s hero, Ronald Reagan, once promised to abolish!”

Abraham also touched on several other issues that Corliss has said will be central to his own campaign.

“Mr. Abraham’s pride in being an unabashed ‘Drug Warrior’ is truly terrifying. He boasted of his efforts to make criminal penalties even more vindictive, called for even more prosecutions under his more draconian laws, and then advocated adding even more substances to the federal prohibition list,” he said.

“And the senator’s foreign policy is equally warlike,” his Libertarian rival added. “Though specifically asked about the wisdom of the extensive commitments of our 21st century American Empire, the senator’s only regret is that the downsizing of our military in recent years has left us incapable of engaging in more than one adventure at a time of the kind President Bush launched a decade ago in defense of gasoline prices.

He calls the current limitations ‘tragic’ and wonders how, under the circumstances, ‘our kids can sleep safe.’

“Talk about a perverted, upside-down world view! Here is a better question for Mr. Abraham to ponder: How will our kids ever be able to sleep safe with cowboy diplomats like him running around the globe deliberately provoking tyrants and terrorists, meddling in situations that have nothing whatever to do with protecting our country from foreign attack?

I shudder to think about the future of our children’s country with people like Spencer Abraham in charge,” Corliss concluded.

So, why didn’t the Libertarian school teacher give the Republican professional pol an “F” instead of a “D”?

“There was one, tiny highlight in his speech,” said Corliss. “Mr. Abraham appears to have a small glimmering of recognition of the economic power of the Internet — and the importance of keeping it unencumbered by taxes and regulations.

“Of course,” Corliss added, “he really only noted these things. He didn’t make any promises about fighting to keep Cyberspace a free trade zone.

And we all know how untrustworthy Republican politicians are when it comes to taxes — even when they solemnly vow: ‘Read my lips!’

“So, maybe,” he concluded with a grin, “I better make that grade a ‘D minus’.

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