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Information for Candidates

Putting your Campaign on the Web

As a candidate of the Libertarian Party of Michigan, you will be able to post information about your campaign on our web site. Or if you’d like more control over your info and already have your own web account, you can have your site linked to the LPM pages.

Submitting your information

Methods are listed in order of preference.

    • Write your own files. If you can write HTML files, just write the files you need and send them via e-mail, or send a disk to the LPM mailing address.
    • Send information in electronic format. If you can’t write your own HTML, I have a pre-made template for candidate web sites that I can use to plug your own information in. You can submit your information in text file or word processor file format on disk or via e-mail to the address on the back of this page. Note that it may take me a while for me to process this information.
    • Send information on paper. Send it to the address at the bottom of this page with instructions on how you would like it to appear on the web site. Note that it could be several weeks before I can process this information and get it posted on the web site.

What to put on your Web site.

    • Contact information. Include campaign address, phone/fax numbers, e-mail address (it is essential that you have an e-mail address if you have a web page). If you have a campaign office, include directions and a map to the office.
    • Maps – You can get a graphic file of a local map from the Yahoo Web site at Just select the “Maps” option, enter the address and you’ll see a road map of the area around you address. You can zoom in and out to get the right area that you want covered, then just save the graphic with your web browser.
    • Biography. Include information on family, occupation, interests, politically history
    • Portrait. I suggest that you use a portrait done by a professional photographer. Many of the local photography studios can also give you a graphic file of your portrait. Images originating from a digital camera are preferred. If not, you can get a color scan of your picture done at Kinko’s if you do not have your own scanner.
    • Issues. Write short articles explaining your position on various issues that are relevant to your campaign.
    • Press Releases. Post any press releases generated by your campaign.
    • Calendar. Include any events you will be hosting or attending, basically any time you will be publicly campaigning, including when and where you will be going door to door.
    • Call for Volunteers. List when, where and why you need volunteers for any project. Give accurate instructions on when and where you want them to be.
    • Graphics. Keep graphics to a minimum since you don’t want your readers to have to wait forever for your page to load into their web browser. I have the ability to scan black and white images for you. Once again, color images can be scanned at Kinko’s.
    • A Link back to the Libertarian Party of Michigan Home Page. At

What NOT to put on your web site.

Topics and links that are irrelevant to your campaign. This should be self explanatory.

Dark background colors and graphics. You need to have good contrast between your text and the background of your page. I recommend black on white, but you can use a very light color for a background if you wish. Any background graphic needs to be very muted. Remember, this is a campaign page, you want it to be easy to read, not to win artistic awards.

Large graphics. Once again, you want people to read your information. If the reader has to wait too long for you page to download, he may just move on.

Where to send your Web materials

    • E-mail: HTML Files and other electronic formats. You can send it via e-mail to Include instructions on how you would like the information to appear on the web site.

Questions: Contact with any questions about putting your campaign on the Web.

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