Starting a New Firestorm of Liberty

by Karl Jackson, LEC at Large

KarlbobI think there is a great opportunity that libertarians passionate about liberty in Michigan are missing . I see the other party’s and groups taking this idea, running with it and having great success with it. Its not a new idea. What they are doing is just consciously utilizing their local party’s most fiery people, and then watching them develop into well seasoned activists and sometimes very strong government officials. These parties rally around their own . They work together to heavily promote THEIR OWN. This kind of endorsement allows the activist to then be able to go out to speak to all their party affiliates all around the country, starting these huge motivational fires for all their issues that seem to never stop. Its amazing to watch and see how informative their discussions can be. This is something that I believe the Libertarian Party should be doing as well. I also believe we can be just as successful at doing it.

We too have people in the Libertarian party that are oozing with passion like that, only the message we cry is one of true liberty. We also have affiliates based in counties throughout Michigan already in place to host audiences to be made up by their surrounding communities. We just need an organizer to bring it all together with 6 or 7 of those fiery libertarians, who can commit to hold a group discussion. Those 6 or 7 can talk about party organization, the right to bear arms, freedom of speech, same sex marriage, the fight against minimum wage increase (one of my personal passions), or whatever libertarian issue they’re most passionate about. Whatever it is, just use it. Promote the activists. Invite and educate the surrounding communities to hear and then just sit back watch the firestorm breakout all over.

Organizing and promoting something like that is something I’d personally involve myself in. We’d then just need the 6 or 7 and within a matter of weeks we can start a huge fire storm of what I call “liberty breakout”. By its promotion it’ll greatly effect the outreach of LPM affiliates all around Michigan. From there it would move on and begin to put the party firmly in position to promote its 2016 candidates in ways it hasn’t effected the elections in many years. It’s time and having a good, well structured promotional plan that has proved itself successful by next year, is a sure way to guarantee the success we’re looking forward to in our next election. Its also a way to keep us on par and in the ring with the competing parties. At some point, we’ve got to stand up and stop them from taking away our liberties. As we’ve heard the words of Benjamin Franklin over and over again SO many times ”Those who sacrifice liberty for security, deserve neither.”

I’ve been in the LP now just 2 and half years. I served on the LEC over the last year and in my serving I’ve become really excited seeing the great potential of our party.I’m even become more excited about the things I personally plan to do to utilize that potential. One of things I’d like very much to do to help bring about change,is to hold one of the chair positions that will become available at next months LPM convention.I am also seeking the office of Chairman of our LPM Oakland affiliate. It’s a new day.We need some new faces and strategies. The days of old are gone. And with your aid in these efforts and events you can help bring those new things on.

Let us ….”Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage”. The Apostle Paul, Galatians 5:1

The Let Liberty Live Affiliate Rallies

This summer all the Affiliates of the Libertarian Party of Michigan will join together in a joint effort to grow the party by staging ” Let Liberty Live Affiliate Rallies” all across the state. Some of the rally’s will feature liberty minded candidates running in local elections in different areas, Activist promoting different causes, keynote speakers, journalist, different times, different places. Some will have park picnics, some will be on city grounds there’ll be raffles and all kinds of things. All being planned to help build our local affiliates and ultimately grow the Libertarian Party. So stay tuned and if you are not on our mailing list now is the time to sign up so your local affiliate can contact you with more information and solicit your support for the effort. Donations given will all go towards making this years summers libertarian outreach and “Let Liberty Live Rallies” a huge success.

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