Seminar on May 5 Tax Hike Ballot Proposal

Not an LPM Event, but of Likely Informative Aid to Michigan Libertarians


Please join the Lakes Area Tea Party and grassroots organizations across SE Michigan for an evening of information and motivation regarding Michigan’s May 5 ballot Proposal 1.

Some supporters claim that, without complex and costly legislation, the budget for road repairs might be depleted to the point that roads could become impassable.

Many opponents say that there is already enough state government revenue to fix the roads without further burdening the taxpayers or resorting to legislative tricks.

Do you want answers? You will hear from our panel of experts regarding the amendments to the Michigan Constitution and the numerous attached laws that will take effect if the proposal passes.

Expert Speakers Include:

Tom McMillin, Concerned Taxpayers of Michigan
Adam De Angeli, Concerned Taxpayers of Michigan
Tony DeMott, Michigan Campaign for Liberty
David Dudenhoefer, Michigan Campaign for Liberty
Bill McMaster, Taxpayers United Michigan Foundation
Scott Hagerstrom, Coalition Against Higher Taxes and Special Interest Deals
Paul Mitchell, Coalition Against Higher Taxes and Special Interest Deals
You will learn exactly what is in this proposal, how it got there, who will benefit, and who will suffer. Guests will be invited to ask tough questions, too.

You will find out what your elected officials are up to in Lansing, and what impact you can have on this proposal and other “road funding” legislation.

Be sure to sign up today for your FREE tickets at Eventbrite, and remember to invite your friends. Thanks for joining us!

We thank these host committee members and encourage you to contact them for more information about their organizations.

Farmington Area Republicans
Garaj Mahal
Greater West Bloomfield Republicans
Independence Township Conservatives Club
Oakland County Campaign for Liberty
Oakland County Young Republicans
Rattle With Us Tea Party
Republican Liberty Caucus of Michigan
SE Michigan 9.12 Tea Party
The Gadsden Center
Tri-county Liberty Coalition
Troy Area Tea Party
Troy Republican Committee
Willow Run Tea Party Caucus

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