Southfield Township Republican to Sit as Libertarian

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Southfield Township Republican to Sit as Libertarian

Southfield Trustee says party switch a ‘matter of conscience’

June 21, 2013

Rosanne Crowley Koss(Southfield Twp, Mich.) This morning, Southfield Township Trustee, Rosanne Crowley Koss-L, informed the Board of Trustees that she has joined the Libertarian Party, will no longer be sitting as a Republican Board Member and instead, will sit as a Libertarian for the remainder of her term.

Koss served on Village Council in Beverly Hills, Mich. from 2004 to 2012, serving as Council President Pro Tem from 2007-2010 and Council President from 2010-2012.

In 2012, Koss was elected to the Southfield Board of Trustees receiving the highest number of votes in both the primary and general elections. She is known by former colleagues at the Village Council for her hands-on, proactive and thorough consideration of all issues.
“I put a great deal of thought into my decision. I discussed it with family and friends for some time. I was encouraged by them to put what I felt is right for our community and myself before anything else. This decision was not made overnight,” Koss said.

Libertarian Party of Michigan [LPM] chairwoman, Mary Buzuma, said she was glad to hear of the news of Koss’ decision; but in today’s political environment, Buzuma says she is not surprised in general. “Like voters, many elected officials have had enough of being handcuffed by party politics, at all levels of government. We understand the hesitation on the part of many to make the change to the LPM. We have long been misrepresented by the media and dismissed by the other major parties as irrelevant. Perhaps they may want to begin to question their relevance? Whatever the determining factors of Mrs. Koss’ decision were, the LPM will be here to offer [Koss] whatever assistance she needs,” Buzuma said.

When asked why the choice of the LPM: “I strongly believe in fiscal responsibility, government transparency and civil liberties. With the dominant two-party system, I have learned that I have to decide which sacrifices I will have to make on behalf of my constituents to toe the party line. The decision was a matter of conscience. As a Libertarian, I can support, defend and advocate for all of them,” Koss said.

Koss made clear that she thinks very highly of her colleagues on the Board, and looks forward to working together with them as they tackle the issues ahead on behalf of the people of the Township.

The Southfield Township Board of Trustees will now consist of six Republicans and one Libertarian.

Koss’ term expires in 2016.


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