News Release: Michigan Senate Plan For Rewarding Run Down School Districts Punishes Everyone

Michigan Senate Plan For Rewarding Run Down School Districts Punishes Everyone
Ghazey Aleck
CONTACT: Ghazey Aleck

Do you happen to live in one of Michigans better school districts that maintain their buildings and property? How dare you! Didn’t you know that the Republicans in the Michigan State Senate want to punish you for it?

Senate Republicans have proposed a new state bond that would reward school districts that have allowed their infrastructure to fall into disrepair by poorly maintaining their facilities. The new proposed $2 Billion bond will go to finance those badly managed school districts.

Finally, the best part of this reward is that the whole state will pay for it with their taxes. In other words, you get to pay for their mismanagement. How do you like them now?

The Libertarian Party of Michigan says people are getting fed up with government officials rewarding poorly managed schools and making the rest of us pay for it. Now is the time for our state leadership to cut funding to failing schools and to increase school choice. Parents will naturally select safe, well-managed school for their children when they are given back the resources to have the ability to choose what is best for their children themselves.

According to Diane Barnes, candidate for the Libertarian nomination for State Board of Education, “No school district should be rewarded for failing to maintain the most basic of facilities such as buildings. Part of every school’s budget is supposed to be used for the upkeep and maintenance of buildings. By providing this bond to assist schools that have failed to maintain their buildings is the same as rewarding them for their neglect.”

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