News Release: Libertarians Honor Republican L. Brooks Patterson

Libertarians Honor Republican L. Brooks Patterson

HAZEL PARK. The Libertarian Party of Oakland County (LPOC) voted over the weekend to give special recognition to Republican L. Brooks Patterson. They will present the Oakland County Executive with an “Oakie” — their annual award to the individual who made the greatest contribution to building Libertarian Party membership in Oakland County in the preceding year.

“Mr. Patterson’s recent pronouncement that he wants to ‘reign in the far right’ in his own party” observed LPOC Chair Gary Bora, “may be the best news we’ve had since our excellent showing in the last election. The people that Mr. Patterson calls the ‘far right,'” he continued, “are really just average citizens who know a pandering politician when they see one. It’s no surprise to us that Republican support is eroding.”

The LPOC chair added that he already felt indebted to Patterson for having driven former Oakland County Republican Paul Champion out of the Republican Party and into the Libertarian Party in the summer of 1999. Champion joined the LP after receiving a letter from Patterson calling him “an asshole” for even suggesting that it was not proper for the Oakland County Executive to be attempting to derail legislation (then still before the legislature) making it easier for sane, law-abiding citizens to get concealed carry permits.

“I’ve never understood why those of us who respect the U.S. Constitution — including the 2nd Amendment — are considered ‘far right,’ Champion said, “but, in any case, the Oakland County Executive considers us ‘assholes’ who are not welcome in his gun-controlling Republican Party.”

Champion, who ironically ended up becoming the LP candidate for Patterson’s job in the 2000 election, noted, “the reason fewer and fewer people in Oakland County are voting Republican is obvious. Public officials like L. Brooks Patterson and John Engler are being held up as model Republicans. Voters who want genuinely smaller government and aren’t yet aware of the Libertarian alternative, are simply staying home.”

The LPOC presents their annual “Oakie” award at their January general membership meeting, this year being held on January 24, 2001, 7:30 pm at Sila’s restaurant in Berkley. County Executive Patterson has not yet announced whether he will attend in person to receive his award for having made the greatest contribution to building Libertarian Party membership in the preceding year.

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