News Release: Libertarian says, “Support our troops. Bring them home.”

Libertarian says, “Support our troops.  Bring them home.”
Scotty Boman
Scotty Boman, Chair
Libertarian Party of Michigan
(313) 247-2052
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Libertarian says, “Support our troops.  Bring them home.”
Detroit, MI – Scotty Boman, Chair of the Libertarian Party of Michigan, and candidate for Lt. Governor, cited the recent rape-murders of Iraqi civilians, at the hands of their American occupiers, as more proof that the occupation of Iraq needs to end.  On Saturday, US Military officials said they are investigating the crime that occurred this March in Iraq’s Mahmoudiya region, (south of Baghdad).   Boman said, “Power corrupts.  The American people seem quick to recognize this when it concerns foreign excesses, but have trouble believing their own friends, family and neighbors are capable of such atrocities.” He went on to say, “Democracy and liberty can’t be forced on people.  As soon as you kill and threaten a nation of people to accomplish those goals, you have taken on the role of tyrant.    This country is setting a poor enough example by trampling the liberties of it’s own people.  It certainly has no moral high ground by which to dominate foreign nations.”  Boman said in reference to recent invasions of privacy conducted by the Bush administration.

“Unlike the Republicans and Democrats,” Boman said, “Libertarians believe the appropriate roll of the military is to protect the American people from foreign aggression, not to regulate the internal affairs of foreign nations.”  The Libertarian National Platform says, “The important principle in foreign policy should be the elimination of intervention by the United States government in the affairs of other nations.”  The Libertarian Party is currently discussing its platform at their national convention in Portland Oregon.

Boman says there is more to this than just a matter of principle.  “By occupying foreign countries like Iraq, we have made more enemies.  This doesn’t make us more secure.  If anything we have only spawned a new generation of terrorists.  Furthermore, Americans are going bankrupt and loosing their homes because they can’t afford high fuel costs; costs that have steadily risen as a consequence of this war.  Furthermore, this country is going bankrupt.  We are paying the price with our hard won freedom and hard earned money.  What have we gotten in return?  2,500 of our sons and daughters sent home in body bags,  and an even greater number of angry grieving foreigners who blame each of us for the deaths of their sons and daughters.”
Boman concludes, “Meanwhile, we light fire-works, on July 4th, to commemorate a war fought by insurgents against a more “civilized” world power…  Happy Independence Day!”

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