News Release: Libertarian Party to Field 111 Candidates on November Ballot

Libertarian Party to Field 111 Candidates on November Ballot
Tim O’Brien

CONTACT: Tim O’Brien

DEARBORN. “America’s real ‘third party’ will be fielding a hundred and eleven candidates in Michigan alone,” said LPM chair, Stacy Van Oast. “The Reformers and the Greenies may get all the attention because of Pat Buchanan and Ralph Nader,” she added, “but ask them how many other candidates will appear on their tickets this November.”

The party decided to issue a special press release on the eve of the major party primary election with a complete list of the LP’s nominees (attached) so that the news media will have the information for use in stories about the primary election, according to executive director, Tim O’Brien.

“Past stories about primary results have often named only the major party candidates,” O’Brien observed. “We assume that this is either because the idea that we have a ‘two party system’ is so wide spread that reporters and commentators forget that there are in fact other candidates,” he said, “or they just don’t have the information readily available when they do their stories. Whichever is the case,” he concluded, “we’re going to deal with it by providing a complete list of the Libertarian Party candidates even before the major parties have chosen theirs.”

The full list of 111 LP candidates who will appear on the fall ballot is attached.

NOTE: 110 have been certified by the Bureau of Elections. One, State Board of Ed candidate, Jon Coon, refused to sign a new form (guaranteeing under penalty of perjury that elections officials will be fully satisfied with every form he or anyone connected with any of his campaigns has ever filed) and has been denied certification on that basis. However, Coon and the LPM say the new law is unconstitutional and have filed suit in Circuit Court seeking a Writ of Mandamus to order the inclusion of Coon. The case will be heard by Judge Michael Harrison on August 16.

Candidates of the Libertarian Party on the November 7, 2000 General Election Ballot:

President Harry Browne
Vice President Art Olivier
US Senator Michael R Corliss

Representatives in Congress
1 John W Loosemore
2 Bruce A Smith
3 Erwin J Haas
4 Richard L Whitelock
5 Clint Foster
6 William H Bradley
7 Robert F Broda, Jr.
8 James P Eyster
9 Laurie Martin
10 Richard T Friend
11 Richard Gach
12 Andrew LeCureaux
13 Karin R Corliss
14 Constance Catalfio
15 Raymond H Warner
16 Edward Hlavac

Statewide Offices
Supreme Court Justice

Jerry J Kaufman
David H Raaflaub
Robert W Roddis

State Board of Education
Diane Barnes
Jon E Coon

Board of Governors, Wayne State University
Thomas W Jones
Scott A Boman

Board of Trustees, Michigan State University
Michael H Miller
Violet M Steele

University of Michigan Board of Regents
Marvin M Surowitz
Tim A Maull

State Representatives
1 Craig Hodges
3 Joann M Karpinski
9 Kenneth E Vojtech
12 Michael Donahue
15 Greg Stempfle
16 Christopher Gonzalez
18 David Nagy
19 John Tatar
22 Ken Reyes
23 Rick Secula
24 Eric B Gordon
25 John Morgan
26 Keith Edwards
27 David Wejrandt
29 Dean Sahutske
31 Jim Miller
32 Bob Van Oast
33 Joe Zemens
35 Magalene C Boleyn
38 Anne Bora
39 Ray Kozora
41 Jeffrey J Hampton
47 Trish Marie
50 James C Shollenberger
61 Sean Nunnemaker
63 Albert D McCallum
67 Yepram Dervahanian
74 Bill Gelineau
76 Paul Mastin
80 Timothy Miley
85 Trafton Jean
86 David A Brown
88 Richard J Dutkiewicz
90 Tim Campbell
96 Scott D. Carter
102 Gregory A Willis

Allegan County
Commissioner 4 Jan C Knibbe
Sheriff Dennis Survilla

Bay County County
Trustee Richard Jozwiak

Berrien County
Drain Commissioner Tom Baker
Sheriff Glenn Whitt
Oronoko Charter Twp Clerk Jay Suave
Trustee of Three Oaks Twp Ronald Freehling

Clare County
Treasurer Cassandra Meadowcroft

Hillsdale County
Allen Twp. Trustee Trena K Moss
Cambria Twp. Trustee James B Parker

Kalamazoo County
County Commissioner 1 Carole Miley

Kent County
County Commissioner 4 William W Hall, Esq.
County Clerk Jamie Lewis
Plainfield Township Trustee Derek E Hollemans

Lenawee County
County Commissioner 8 Albert B Swindle

Livingston County
Commissioner 6 George Sise
County Clerk Richard A Samul

Macomb County
Commissioner 7 Paul Soyk
Commissioner 18 Mark Heil
Commissioner 22 Rosemary Racchi
Sheriff Al Titran
Clinton Twp Trustee Scott W Allen

Midland County
County Commissioner 5 Stephen Townsend

Oakland County
Executive Paul W Champion
Prosecuting Attorney Leonard C Schwartz
Sheriff Michael A Carson
Drain Commissioner Robert W Schubring
Clerk Lisa L Kozora
County Commissioner 1 Mark Carney
County Commissioner 5 Fred Martin
County Commissioner 22 Steve Afton
County Commissioner 23 Steven G Schulte

Ottawa County
Chester Twp. Trustee Donald A McCallum

Washtenaw County
County Commissioner 12 James Montgomery
County Treasurer Kimberly Cashman
Superior Twp Parks Commission Brett Cashman
Sylvan Twp. Trustee James L Hudler
Ypsilanti Twp. Clerk Sherri Foster
Ypsilanti Twp. Trustee Dan LaFavers
Ypsilanti Twp. Trustee Geoffrey Foster
Ypsilanti Twp. Trustee Lawrence W Johnson

Wayne County
County Commissioner 2 Gregory Creswell
County Commissioner 4 Edward Karpinski
County Commissioner 13 Loel R Gnadt
County Clerk Nancy O’Brien

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