News Release: Libertarian Candidate for 8th District Mirrors GOP on ‘Obamacare’

Libertarian Candidate for 8th District Mirrors GOP on ‘Obamacare’

7/13/12 – The Libertarian Party Candidate for the 8th Congressional district is joining with Republicans in opposing the federal Affordable Care Act. While Libertarians generally position themselves as distinctly different from both Democrats and Republicans, Dan Goebel of Genoa Township sides with the GOP when he says healthcare reform should be taken up at the state or local level, consistent with the Constitution’s 10th amendment. Goebel of Genoa Township was a licensed builder for 20 years with a background in mechanical engineering, who also worked as a high school teacher and auto mechanic. He feels healthcare is not a function of the federal government based on the U.S. Constitution and disagrees with the recent Supreme Court decision to uphold the act. Goebel says he would support a repeal of the legislation and feels the free market would do a better job than federal mandates, which he says do more harm than good to a healthcare system that is already broken. Goebel, who will be a guest this Sunday on WHMI’s Viewpoint at 8:30am, would also like to repeal laws against drug use, scale back the country’s military presence overseas and end legal tender laws, so that other forms of money such as silver & gold could be used for tax payments. (JM/JK)
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