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Marketing for Liberty Conference

The event is past, this post contains announcement, then following that, a report:


MarketingIf you’re tired of the same-old, same-old when it comes to the two-party system and you want to see real change begin, this event is for you!

2014 is a HUGE year – and it’s well past time to get involved to start changing the direction our country, states, counties and cities have been heading for too many years. Never underestimate the power of determined people who band together!

Want more information about the Libertarian Party of Michigan and what 2014 holds? Are you running, or considering a run, for city, county or state office and need some info? Want practical pointers on dealing with the Media?

Then plan to join us Saturday, March 8th, 2014 for “Marketing for Liberty”. Speakers on tap include:

Patrick Clawson
Patrick Clawson is a Private investigator and a frequent guest on shows such as “Let it Rip.” He has been a Washington, DC on-air network radio/TV (CNN, NBC, INN, ITNA) investigative reporter. He was also Washington, DC Bureau Chief of Radio & Records newspaper. He is a former radio talk show host in New York City and Washington, DC, and former President/CEO of TeleGrafix Communications. He has been a Libertarian candidate and party office holder. He has been a long-time advocate of freedom of information and open government.

Tim O’Brien, advertising professional. Tim_ObrienTim had been on the Libertarian Party of Michigan Executive Committee for a number of years when he also joined the 1994 Jon Coon for US Senate campaign team as the ad director (in a race that garnered almost 5% of the vote in a 3-way, federal election) — serving in that same role when Coon ran for state house (getting over 15% in another 3-way race) in the next election cycle. The following year O’Brien was elected LPM chair, serving two terms before stepping aside to become the party’s (to date) only Executive Director. When he left that position in 2001 to form an independent PAC the Libertarian Party of Michigan had over 1800 dues-paying members, and enough influence in Lansing to help derail a huge tax increase as well as successfully enact legislation amending a state election law that had repeatedly cost the party its ballot status. But there were downs along with ups. Arguably better positioned than anyone else in the LPM to recount this climactic period, Tim O’Brien will share his experiences on the front lines and offer his opinions about how, for a time, the LPM came to be a significant player in Michigan politics, the lessons learned, and how they might point the way to the future.

Helena BlakemoreHelena Blakemore is Director of Photography with the Detroit based film company, Mooshka Productions. She is also a professional Free Lance Photographer and Videographer. She graduated from the Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts in 2010. She is a Libertarian who produced a commercial for Scotty Boman’s City Clerk Campaign. Helena will be shooting video of interested persons during the conference, for promoting the Libertarian Party of Michigan.

Derek MagillDerek Magill is an organizer of Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) and a student at the University of Michigan. Thanks to his initiative, the LPM now has associated student groups—or at least contacts—at UofM, UofM Dearborn, Michigan State, Central Michigan, Eastern Michigan, Western Michigan, and Hillsdale. Derek also heads the libertarian Students for Concealed Carry at UofM.

Bill GelineauBill Gelineau Has done extensive research on the effect of running a large number of Libertarian candidates on the credibility of the Libertarian Party of Michigan. He is Owner Abacus Title Agency, and founder, Apple Blossom Restaurants Incorporated. He has attended University of Michigan and Wayne State University. The former Michigan Libertarian Party chairman and political director is a habitual office-seeker. He also organizes other Libertarians to run for office. This year his goal is to fill each of Michigan’s Congressional-district ballots with a Libertarian option.

Greg MarshallGreg Marshall is a thirty year radio and television veteran, he has a natural curiosity that overflows in everything he does. He is the afternoon talk show host on WMKT AM and Co-host of the National TV program, “Liberty Town Hall.” Greg is an out-spoken Christian who has a burning desire for freedom and a fascination with history, he is driven to share the truth of the loss of our rights and how to turn the tide of government over reach.

Heather Richards-Wodrich – After working for over 20 years as an award-winning television and radio news anchor, reporter and producer in the South Bend, Indiana metro area, Heather Richards-Wodrich stepped out of what she calls “the crazed life” of a journalist. Heather Richards-WodrichShe’s now the communications coordinator for a large church in Grand Rapids. Heather says, “I joined the efforts of the Libertarian Party of Michigan in the summer of 2013 because I, like many of you, could no longer stand by and watch the country and the Constitution I love continue to be destroyed. I look forward to working with and meeting as many of you as possible. Let’s make Michigan, and our country, better by continuing to stand up for more true freedom and less government.”

Brian WrightBrian Wright Moved to the Detroit area in 1968, and became a passionate advocate for Ayn Rand’s artistic vision of heroic individualism; in 1972 he cofounded the LPM. He has been elected chair twice and served as newsletter editor several times since the late 1970s. Since 2004, he has looked at other options for achieving liberty in our time, including participation in the Free State Project. In 2008 Brian returned to Michigan, became LPM Webmaster and newsletter editor in 2009. He is now a leader in the Satyagraha (global truth force) movement; he seeks to enhance LP grand strategy for success.

Kipp WelchKipp Welch Will be facilitating a discussion at the end of the day on transforming our ideas into specific actions. Kipp is on the Libertarian Party of Michigan Executive Committee, and is secretary of the Libertarain Party of West Michigan.





Just some of the topics we’ll cover:

  • Developing a grassroots network of self-government
  • The unique position of a ballot-qualified Party to affect the political landscape
  • The ‘down and dirty’ of getting your message across to the Media
  • Practical tips on how to put together a biography and press releases

You’ll also meet members of Libertarian Party of Michigan Executive Committee, have a chance to ask questions, get information on the LPM State Convention, meet like-minded people, and join us for some general brainstorming.

We’ll have refreshments available throughout the day. A donation of $1 to $5 per person (you choose the amount) to help defray the cost of food would be greatly appreciated, but it’s not mandatory.

Looking forward to seeing you Saturday, March 8th!

Who: Libertarian Party of Michigan, 888-373-3669
When: Saturday, March 8 from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Where: 2722 E. Michigan Avenue, Suite 22, Lansing, MI 48912
(Above Capital Area Libertarian Party Headquarters)

If you are coming, please fill out the form below to let us know. Thank you. If you have any questions, please feel free to email Heather Richards-Wodrich at

Report: Shakin’ Up The System in 2014!
“Marketing For Liberty” sets empowering new vision

MarketingRoughly 50 persons (altogether) attended the Marketing for Liberty event put on by Scotty Boman and Heather Richards-Wodrich at the Capital Area LP office on Michigan Avenue in Lansing on March 8th. Several speakers with expertise in marketing, media, strategy, grassroots organizing, and so forth presented dense-packed ideas for invigorating the LPM and moving forward. The following individuals shared their invaluable insights.

  • Pat Clawson – Former CNN reporter
  • Tim Obrien – Advertising consultant / membership growth  expert
  • Helena Blakemore – Video/Movie producer
  • Derek Magill – Campus activist/organizer
  • Bill Gelineau – Election result analyst
  • Greg Marshall – Radio talk show host to TEA Party market
  • Heather Richards-Wodrich – Media relations consultant
  • Brian Wright – LPM cofounder, author, publisher, strategist

Party and affiliate leaders also listened to an array of critical comments, which were for the most part constructive and illuminating. For example, who knew that “students have a poor image of the LP in general for, well, too many representatives of the LP(M) not presenting a positive, professional image?” The speakers came forth with all kinds of quite simple “do’s and don’t do’s” in their areas of expertise… that we can all take to the bank. 

Speaker Helena Blakemore of Mooshka Productions with a small staff of volunteers set up in the office below to produce a short, effective video using clips of several of the marketing event attendees doing a read. She is graciously donating that video for use on our Website and for other purposes. When it is complete, the video will appear on this writeup and will take a prominent place on the home page.

This is a preliminary report, for more information, please contact the LPM media director Heather Richards-Wodrich at [The initial event announcement appears on this page.]

Exciting times most definitely to come. Several new memberships and renewals are directly attributable to the positive messages taken away from the event. Thank you to all who made it possible, especially Scotty, Heather, Helena, and Mary. Also to Jon Addiss owner of the property who donated the lecture hall.

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Help Scotty Gain Justice

Click the “Buy Now” button below to help Scotty pay for his appeal.

On July 30thA WCCCD police officer charged me with trespassing in order to cover for her politically motivated attack in which I suffered serious injuries (mostly from being tortured with handcuffs). This happened at my place of work right after I got done teaching a class.
On January 15th my attorney made a straight-forward motion to dismiss the trespassing charge. Thirty sixth district Judge Roberta Archer denied the common sense motion, and we are appealing the ruling. There is one big problem. The appeal will cost $1000 and I have no money to pay for it. I am hoping some people who have supported my political efforts in the past, will be able to help me pay for the consequences of those efforts. Even if you don’t share my politics, I appeal to your broader sense of a need for fairness and justice in the legal system.
This charge is designed to intimidate myself and others who are fighting for fair elections and the rule of law in Detroit. It is also a cynical tactic that, if successful, could be used to immunize other rogue police from accountability in the future. For more details, please read what others have written about this attack:
Gifts will be used exclusively to pay for the appeal of Judge Archer’s January 15th ruling. This is not a contribution to a candidate committee or non-profit organization.
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LibertyFest News Release for Guest Speaker Richard Ebeling

Capital Area Libertarian Party
PRESS RELEASE – for IMMEDIATE ISSUE – October 21, 2013

“Liberty Lost – and How to Get it Back”

LibbyCapital area libertarians will be hosting a Liberty Festival on November 16 at the Marriott East Lansing at University Place, 300 Mac Ave. in East Lansing.

The event begins at 7 pm with a cocktail hour followed by a banquet and keynote address by acclaimed author Richard Ebeling, a PhD professor of Economics from Northwood University. In addition, recipients of the annual “Libby” Awards will be announced for outstanding contributors in the categories of preserving, promoting or producing liberty in the state of Michigan.

Dr. Ebeling will be speaking on “Liberty, Security, and the War on Terrorism Now”, reflecting on the changes since his like-named book was published in 2003. A discussion will follow on the effects the perpetual war has had on our liberties and what actions are necessary to reverse this dangerous, continuing trend.

Tickets to the event are $49, which are available through the Capital Area Libertarian web site at No tickets will be available at the door.

CONTACT: Will Tyler White 517 349-3806, CALP Treasurer
Janet Leslie 517 , event organizer

Biographical information for Richard Ebeling is attached, and can also be found at


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New Bills in Lansing

From Will White

The House introduced two new election bills which are in committee. The first one would add more types of picture ID cards that would be accepted when going to the polls to vote.  It still allows for signing an affidavit however, if you do not have a photo ID.  Last election there were over 12,000 voters who did not have photo ID’s and signed the affidavit instead.

The second bill has to do with filling candidate vacancies if a candidate dies or is otherwise disqualified to run AFTER HAVING BEEN NOMINATED TO THE OFFICE OF STATE SENATOR OR STATE REPRESENTATIVE AND BEFORE THE GENERAL NOVEMBER ELECTION.

As usual though, there are different rules for Major and Minor parties.  If it is a minor party candidate, the executive committee(s) simply names another candidate.  If it is a Major party candidate, no election is held for that office and a “special” election is held in the next year.  No provision is made however for reprinting of ballots if this occurs after ballots have been printed.

Click on the links below to read the entire bills.  If I have time, I will draft a letter to the committee regarding the double standard for major/minor parties.

Will Tyler White, LPM Legislative committee

The new ID’s that are proposed to be allowed are:


 Michigan Legislature Website
Daily Update For: William T White

Updated Bills or Resolutions:

  • HB 4938 of 2013
    Elections; voting procedures; list of eligible state identification cards to identify electors when voting; expand. Amends sec. 523 of 1954 PA 116 (MCL 168.523).
    Last Action: 9/4/2013 printed bill filed 09/04/2013
  • HB 4947 of 2013
    Elections; scheduling; election of state senator or state representative if a major political party candidate vacancy occurs before the general November election; revise. Amends secs. 169, 170 & 173 of 1954 PA 116 (MCL 168.169 et seq.) & adds sec. 169a. TIE BAR WITH: HJR X’13
    Last Action: 9/4/2013 referred to Committee on Elections and Ethics
  • HJR X of 2013
    Elections; scheduling; election of state senator or state representative if a major political party candidate vacancy occurs before the general November election; revise. Amends sec. 5, art. II, secs. 2 & 3, art. IV & sec. 2, art. XI of the state constitution.
    Last Action: 9/4/2013 referred to Committee on Elections and Ethics
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LPMer David Gillie Interview with Mackinac Center

David Gillie and wife, Cindy, outside their 'world famous' coney island in Mt. Morris.

David Gillie and wife, Cindy, outside their ‘world famous’ coney island in Mt. Morris.

The following interview with a longtime LPM member and supporter David Gillie was featured in the Mackinac Center for Public Policy’s September-October issue of its magazine MPACT. Dave is the feisty proprietor of Gillie’s Coney Island, a freedom movement fixture for the past–I want to say 20, but it may be 30–many years.

The link to the magazine is here: The interview appears on page 6, and Webmaster has transcribed below:


What were the reasons or circumstances that helped craft your decision to do what you do for a living?


My Dad was a builder and rented out houses, leading to me learning the rental business and getting a builder’s license to build g illie’s Coney Island Restaurant. h e did this in addition to working full-time at g eneral Motors. I got into the restaurant business because my first job after high school was in a restaurant.

Which, by the way, in 1973 I was hired at less than minimum wage. [I] may very well never have gotten into the restaurant business nor built Gillie’s Coney Island if I had not been afforded the opportunity to learn from the immigrant owners at Starlite Coney Island.

I used my restaurant work to pay my way through college, hoping for a 9-5 office job, but discovered I enjoyed the fun challenge of restaurant work. So [I] decided if I were to stay in this industry, I wanted more control and money by becoming an owner. I found out later that due to excess silly government regulations, I really did not have much more control and making money became harder each year.


How many employees do you have at the restaurant?


Varies between 30 and 40.


When did you first hear about the Mackinac Center for Public Policy?


I met Joe Overton in the Libertarian Party of Michigan before Mackinac Center opened; he influenced me to be a donor since the beginning.


What is your interest in freedom and liberty?


I learned entrepreneurship from my father as I worked with him from a very young age. There, I saw the benefits of a free economy, but I also saw and heard the problems of excess government taxes and regulations first-hand. Not “fitting in” as a youngster also influenced my thinking. Then in college I was influenced by the new Libertarian Party’s educational efforts.


What value do you think the Mackinac Center gives people?


It gives people studies and facts regarding freedom and liberty, which helps influence how laws are made and administered to the benefit of the general welfare of all of society.


What policies would you like changed in Michigan?


Anything that would increase individual liberty. I believe there is one change that the State could accomplish that would be absolutely FREE of cost to them and would help them and people as individuals. Simply train all levels of State employees to be a bit more flexible, talk nicer and treat citizens with respect as they do their job.


What kind of discussions takes place at the restaurant?


Interacting with so many employees and hundreds of customers daily involves discussion on every subject you can imagine. Politics is a common one and there are a lot of different sides represented but it always has amazed me how much more common sense and freedom-loving the average person is compared to politicians and government in general.

It makes one wonder where government gets its mandate to do the many crazy things it seems to do on an increasingly regular basis. The politicians that visit the restaurant often blame an unaccountable bureacracy that has evolved over the years to rule over us more than any elected official possibly could.

Scary thought.

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Southfield Township Republican to Sit as Libertarian

**Press Release**

Libertarian Party of Michigan
P.O. Box 27065
Lansing, MI 48909

For Immediate release:

Southfield Township Republican to Sit as Libertarian

Southfield Trustee says party switch a ‘matter of conscience’

June 21, 2013

Rosanne Crowley Koss(Southfield Twp, Mich.) This morning, Southfield Township Trustee, Rosanne Crowley Koss-L, informed the Board of Trustees that she has joined the Libertarian Party, will no longer be sitting as a Republican Board Member and instead, will sit as a Libertarian for the remainder of her term.

Koss served on Village Council in Beverly Hills, Mich. from 2004 to 2012, serving as Council President Pro Tem from 2007-2010 and Council President from 2010-2012.

In 2012, Koss was elected to the Southfield Board of Trustees receiving the highest number of votes in both the primary and general elections. She is known by former colleagues at the Village Council for her hands-on, proactive and thorough consideration of all issues.
“I put a great deal of thought into my decision. I discussed it with family and friends for some time. I was encouraged by them to put what I felt is right for our community and myself before anything else. This decision was not made overnight,” Koss said.

Libertarian Party of Michigan [LPM] chairwoman, Mary Buzuma, said she was glad to hear of the news of Koss’ decision; but in today’s political environment, Buzuma says she is not surprised in general. “Like voters, many elected officials have had enough of being handcuffed by party politics, at all levels of government. We understand the hesitation on the part of many to make the change to the LPM. We have long been misrepresented by the media and dismissed by the other major parties as irrelevant. Perhaps they may want to begin to question their relevance? Whatever the determining factors of Mrs. Koss’ decision were, the LPM will be here to offer [Koss] whatever assistance she needs,” Buzuma said.

When asked why the choice of the LPM: “I strongly believe in fiscal responsibility, government transparency and civil liberties. With the dominant two-party system, I have learned that I have to decide which sacrifices I will have to make on behalf of my constituents to toe the party line. The decision was a matter of conscience. As a Libertarian, I can support, defend and advocate for all of them,” Koss said.

Koss made clear that she thinks very highly of her colleagues on the Board, and looks forward to working together with them as they tackle the issues ahead on behalf of the people of the Township.

The Southfield Township Board of Trustees will now consist of six Republicans and one Libertarian.

Koss’ term expires in 2016.


Stephen Mace
Media Relations
Libertarian Party of Michigan
P.O. Box 27065
Lansing, MI 48909
Tel: 248-881-6776
Fax: 248-687-1001

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