Libertarians – “Just Say No to Senate Gas Tax Hike”


Kimberly Moore, Chair
Libertarian Party of Michigan
July 7, 2015

Libertarians – “Just Say No to Senate Gas Tax Hike”

On May 5, 2015 the people of Michigan voted overwhelmingly not to raise sales taxes to fix the roads in Michigan.  The 4:1 margin should have told our State Legislators and Governor that the people of Michigan in essence told them we did not want taxes raised at all.  That however, is what is happening.

On July 1, 2015 the State Senate passed a bill that would raise gas taxes by 15 cents per gallon.  This tax will hit the working class of Michigan the hardest, as many already have to drive long distances just to have any type of job.

Senators did this just prior to a holiday weekend when the people of Michigan would be distracted with planning and celebrating with family and friends.  This was done under the leadership of the Republicans who call themselves “fiscally conservative”, by a vote count of 19:19 (18 Republicans and 1 Democrat in favor) with Lieutenant Gov. Brian Calley breaking the tie. They did this following a State House plan that would not raise taxes on regular gasoline, but it would on diesel fuel – and it raises taxes on hybrids.

(For bill information: Click Here  and  Here)  (For voting information, follow Who Voted “Yes” and Who Voted “No”  for the House and Senate.)

Democrats are just as culpable when it comes to taxes. Under the leadership of Governor Granholm, our State Representatives proposed a similar tax hike in 2009  and in the same year, there was a huge percentage increase in our income tax.

What part of “No” do our elected officials not understand?  Michigan is still in recovery, and with inflation, the people cannot afford to give more money to the government when they have to trim back on expenses themselves.  The State should look at other options!

We can look at decriminalizing victimless offenses that put people in jail/prison that cost several thousand dollars a year per person.   We can look at turning a few roads into toll roads in order to pay for their upkeep.  We can look at the warranties which should have come with the roads and have any that fall under these warranties fixed before those warranties expire.  We can end subsidies to businesses that send their money out of state.

As Libertarians, we believe in minimal government and looking at alternative solutions. If government has to be involved, it has a responsibility to look into doing what it can do reduce and offset costs.  The point is there are other options than taking more money from people who already have to make so many financial adjustments to their lives; and Libertarians would look at these other choices.
This week, we encourage you to call both your State Representatives and State Senators and tell them “No” once again.  You can reach the Senate at 517.373.2400 and the House at 517.373.6339.  Tell them you will NOT vote for them in 2016 if they vote yes, and then follow through!

It’s time we tell government officials they have to stop taking advantage of people, because we are the ones with the power of choice!  These votes will not be forgotten in 2016.  If you need to find out who your senator or representative are follow these links for the Michigan Senate and the Michigan House.

The Libertarian Party founded in 1971, is the third-largest political party in America. It is the only political party consistently calling for smaller government, lower taxes, and individual rights.


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