Libertarian Party of Southwest Michigan Passes Resolution Opposing Proposal 1


Group Opposes Hefty Tax That Would Affect Michigan Families

Kalamazoo, April 7, 2015 – The Libertarian Party of Southwest Michigan unanimously passed a
resolution urging the citizens of Michigan to oppose the upcoming May 5th ballot proposal. The
resolution highlights the increase in state taxes and the effect it will have on Michigan

“This proposal includes massive tax increases that will have an impact on every taxpayer’s
wallet in the state. We are being sold that this is a silver bullet to fix years, if not decades of
legislative failure to adequately fund our roads,” said Jason Brandenburg, Chairman of the
Libertarian Party of Southwest Michigan. “Cost cutting solutions to allocate more money to our
roads without a tax increase have been given to the legislature by many think tanks over the
past few years, yet those continued to be ignored. The proponents of this proposal are using
the scare tactic that if you do not vote for this, schools will receive less money and people will
die due to the condition of our roads,” he added.

The group discussed in their monthly meeting after passing the proposal that they are not
opposed to the improvement of the state’s infrastructure, but would like to see it done without
asking the taxpayers of the state for another tax increase. “We all drive on these roads and
know improvements need to be made, but the solution is more complex than just more money.
We need to look at how the money is being spent and the quality of the repairs to ensure we
are getting most out of the money we do allocate.”

The Libertarian Party of Southwest Michigan meets the first Tuesday of each month at 6pm at
Gallaghers Eatery and Pub. For more information visit their website

Here is the actual proposal:

A resolution urging the citizens of Michigan to oppose Proposal 1
on the May 5th , 2015 statewide ballot.
Whereas, The passage of Proposal 1 would be a $2 billion overall
tax increase this year and each year thereafter; and
Whereas, The Michigan state budget has increased from $39.1
billion in fiscal year 2004-05 to $52.30 billion in fiscal year 2014-15;
Whereas, This would raise the state’s sales tax by 17% from 6% to
7%; and
Whereas, This would give Michigan the second highest gas tax in
the nation; and
Whereas, There would be an increase of $10.9 million per year in
vehicle registration fees; and
Whereas, This would add 10 new state laws and amend the
Michigan Constitution; and
Whereas, The average family would pay between $680-$800 more
per year in taxes; now, therefore, be it
Resolved by the Southwest Michigan Libertarian Party, That we
request the Michigan Legislature make the necessary cuts to the state’s
budget to fund road projects without a tax increase; and
Resolved by the Libertarian Party of Southwest Michigan, That we
request the citizens of Southwest Michigan to oppose Proposal 1 on the
May 5th , 2015 statewide ballot.

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