Political Spectrum

This page is included in the archive because its philosophical approach is distinct from the policy approach used in the current counterpart: “Issues.”

The Libertarian Party is centered around a consistent philosophy of economic and personal freedom. The left tends to supports personal freedom while tending to oppose economic freedom. The right tends to do the opposite, supporting economic but not personal freedom.Too often, it seems that we must pick one freedom and lose another. You may like candidate A because he will lower taxes, but at the same time he supports controlling your personal behavior. Voters are frequently faced with the problem of taking one step forward on one issue but taking two steps back on another issue. This situation is commonly called “voting for the lesser of two evils.” With options as bleak as they are, many voters are simply staying home.The Libertarian Party is the answer to that wasted vote syndrome. The Libertarian Party offers the voters a consistent support of all of our liberty and freedom that makes our country great. The Libertarian Party, regardless of the issue, supports economic and personal freedom. The rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are the central core of the Libertarian Party.

Positions Often Held By

The Traditional Middle of the Road

Positions Often Held By The Left

Positions Often Held By The Right

Government Regulated Economy Personal Freedom Free Market Economy Government Regulated Morality
Cut Military Spending Non-Interventionist Foreign Policy Robust National Defense Entangling Wars and Military Adventurism
Support Gun Control Laws Legalized Medical Marijuana Support Right to Keep and Bear Arms Expand the War on Drugs
Special Rights for Favored Groups Separation of Church and State Advancement Based on Ability and Merit Taxpayer Funded Faith-based Charities
Taxpayer Funded Government-run Charities Privacy and Civil Liberties Personally Funding Private Charities Support Patriot Act and Domestic Spying without
Increased Taxation On the Wealthy Level Business Playing Field Cut Taxation Across the Board Corporate Welfare and Handouts

Another alternative to the one dimensional “left-right” spectrum is the “Nolan Chart” used here with the “World’s Smallest Political Quiz.”

Natural rights Libertarianism

Consequentialist Libertarianism

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