2013 Bylaws

Libertarian Party Of Michigan Bylaws
(as amended in convention June 15, 2013)

The name of this organization shall be the “Libertarian Party of Michigan,” hereinafter referred to as the “Party” or “LPM”.

The purpose of this organization is to further the principles of individual liberty as expressed in the Statement of Principles of the National Libertarian Party by nominating and working to elect candidates for political office and by entering into political information activities and affiliating with the National Libertarian Party .


  1. The officers of the Party shall be a chair, a vice chair, a secretary, a treasurer, and five at-large directors, hereinafter referred to as the “Executive Committee.” These are the same individuals who shall serve as the directors of the “Libertarian Party of Michigan Executive Committee, Inc.” None of these offices shall be combined. All of these officers shall be elected at a regular convention of the Party by the attending delegates and shall take office immediately upon the close of such convention and shall serve until the final adjournment of the next regular convention.
  2. The chair shall preside at all meetings of the Executive Committee and at all conventions. The chair shall be the chief executive officer of the Party. In the absence of directives from the Executive Committee, the chair shall have the authority to speak for, and to generally manage the affairs of, the Party. For purposes of Party representation at all National Libertarian Party conventions, the chair shall be a Michigan delegate and shall serve as head of the Michigan delegation.
  3. The vice chair shall act as assistant to the chair and shall perform the duties of the chair in his or her absence. The vice chair shall also act as “affiliates director” helping affiliates organize, forming new affiliates, helping student groups organize and forming new student groups. The vice chair shall also be responsible for organizing seminars to make certain that affiliate officers have the information necessary to work effectively with the LPM.
  4. The secretary shall be the recording officer of the Party. Excepting the Party newsletter or press releases, the secretary shall be responsible for all regular communications within the Party and between the Party and outside individuals, groups, and organizations.
  5. The treasurer shall receive, expend, and account for the funds of the Party under the supervision and direction of the Executive Committee.
  6. The members of the Executive Committee shall meet in such times and places as they shall determine and shall govern all the affairs of the Party.
  7. A member of the Executive Committee who misses three consecutive meetings of the Executive Committee or fails to perform his or her fiduciary duties may be removed from the Executive Committee and replaced by a two-thirds vote at a regular meeting of the Executive Committee or a majority vote at convention following a motion for a vote of no confidence. All Executive Committee members must be notified of the intent to removal at least 14 days prior to the meeting. If the chair is so removed, the vice chair shall assume the chair and a new vice chair elected.
  8. All officers of the Party must be current members of the Party. An officer whose membership lapses must renew at the next meeting after written notice or be removed at that meeting.
  9. There shall be a standing legislative committee to monitor, report on, and advocate for legislation on behalf of the Libertarian Party.


  1. Party members may form organizations entitled to be known as the “Libertarian Party” of their respective areas.
  2. The Executive Committee shall charter affiliate parties from those organizations requesting such status. A copy of the petitioning organization’s proposed operating rules shall be submitted with the petition. No organization shall be so chartered which does not ratify the Statement of Principles of the Party. The Executive Committee can arbitrate disputes between affiliates.
  3. The autonomy of the affiliate Parties shall not be abridged by the Executive Committee, or any other committee of the Party, except as provided herein.
  4. The Executive Committee shall have the authority to suspend affiliate party status from any organization by a two thirds vote. Such suspension is subject to written appeal within thirty days of notification. Failure to appeal shall be construed as an act of secession by the affiliate party. The Executive Committee shall not suspend any affiliate party within a period of three months prior to a state Party convention.
  5. The appeal of the affiliate party is to be directed to the Judicial Committee of the Party. Written arguments shall be sent to the Judicial Committee by representatives of the Executive Committee urging revocation and by representatives of the affiliate party opposing revocation. The Judicial Committee shall rule to either revoke the charter of the affiliate party or to reinstate the charter within thirty days of receiving the arguments and no later than thirty days prior to a State Party convention. Should the Judicial Committee fail to rule timely, the affiliate party shall be automatically reinstated with all rights and privileges pertaining thereto. The affiliate party may appeal the ruling of the Judiciary Committee to the Judicial Committee of the National Libertarian Party following the above procedure.


  1. The judicial power of the Party shall be vested in a Judicial Committee composed of three Party members. No member of the Executive Committee may be a member of the Judicial Committee.
  2. The Judicial Committee shall decide cases involving alleged violations of these bylaws or resolutions.


  1. The Party shall hold an annual convention each odd-numbered year between April 1 and July 31, performing such business as required herein. During even-numbered years, the Party shall hold an annual convention after the filing deadline for candidates to appear on Michigan’s primary ballot.
  2. The Party shall hold a convention within 45 days upon the call of the Executive Committee or when petitions are submitted by 10% of the current membership.
  3. All members of the Party who attend and register at a convention shall be delegates, unless the Party shall receive major party status. In the latter event, new bylaws shall be enacted by a special convention to convene within 90 days of such time as an LPM statewide candidate receives sufficient votes to gain major party status.
  4. A majority shall rule at the convention except for the platform and resolutions of the Party which shall require a two thirds vote of those present, or as otherwise required by these bylaws.
  5. The Executive Committee shall have supervision and management of all conventions.
  6. The officers of each convention shall be the officers of the Party.
  7. A person who has never been a member of the Libertarian Party of Michigan must become a member at least 30 days prior to a State convention before being allowed to vote at that convention.


  1. Nomination of candidates for public office shall be made only at a convention during the election year. No candidate may be nominated for an office for which he/she is legally ineligible to serve.
  2. Delegates to the National Convention shall be elected at the State Convention by nominations from the floor if the state convention is held prior to the national convention. If held later, election of delegates may be by affiliate caucus. In either case, delegates may be appointed by the Executive Committee if the allotted quota is not met. Rules governing delegate procedures shall be determined by action of the Convention or, in the absence of directives from the Convention, by the Executive Committee.
  3. The Party’s nominee for each office shall be chosen by a majority vote of the delegates in attendance at the time of voting. If no candidate has a majority, the candidate with the least number of votes shall be struck from the next vote until one candidate receives a majority.
  4. All votes for candidates for public or Party office shall always include “None of the Above.”
  5. Votes cast for “None of the Above” in voting on the Party’s nominees for public office or the Party officers shall be considered valid. Should a majority of the votes be cast for “None of the Above” in voting for a public office, no candidate shall be nominated for that office. Should “None of the Above” be selected for any Party office, that position shall be declared vacant and none of the losing candidates for that position may be selected to fill the vacancy for the term of office.

Membership shall be granted to any person who affirms the Statement of Principles and whose dues are current.


The fiscal year of the Party shall end December 31.


Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised shall be the parliamentary authority for all matters of procedure not specifically covered by the bylaws or convention rules of the Party.


These bylaws may be amended by a two thirds vote of the delegates present at a convention occurring in an odd-numbered year only.


The Party does not support, condone, or give candidates of other political parties access to mailing lists, contact information, or administrative access to online social media accounts of the Libertarian Party of Michigan for use with their campaign.


These bylaws shall take effect immediately upon adoption.

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