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Michigan Elects First Libertarian!

The May/June, 1988, edition of the Michigan Libertarian ran the article as follows:

Addison. This small, southwestern community made Michigan history by electing the State's first Libertarian to public office in a partisan race. James W. Clifton, Pastor of the village's United Church of Christ and a long time Libertarian, was elected to the Addison Village Council on March 14--out polling all four of the other candidates representing the two older parties. Three trustees were chosen from among the five candidates to fill two year terms. The Libertarian was elected along with two Republicans. "The platform I ran on locally was a platform that supported property rights and opposed zoning ordinances." Clifton told UPI in speculating on the reasons for his victory. "Our (Addison's ) book of ordinances is as thick as the Chicago phone book. I think that is ridiculous for a town this size." Clifton also thought his earlier appointment to the position to fill a vacancy helped give him credibility. "I think it helped me because it gave them six months to see that I wasn't radical--that I wasn't fringe or anything."

My single, two-sided campaign leaflet stated my positions as follows:
1. Fewer taxes
2. Property rights
3. Voters' rights to decided by ballot on ALL matters involving the spending of YOUR money
4. Honest answers to ALL your questions about YOUR local government
5. Increased business incentives

The front of the leaflet contained this message:

"GUARANTEE--I will immediately resign if I ever fail to personally visit you about a village concern within 48 hours after being contacted!"

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