Why Ron Paul Fans Should Join Us

Ron Paul is a lifetime member of the Libertarian Party. Ron Paul was the Libertarian candidate for President in 1988. Why? Because Ron Paul and the Libertarian Party share the same values:

Although the Republican Party occasionally talks about these values, they certainly don't walk the walk. Nowadays, Republicans are the Party of runaway spending and unending war—that's not Ron Paul at all.

Ron Paul is not the choice of Republican voters either: 94% of Michigan Republicans rejected Ron Paul in the primary.

Ron Paul is the choice of Libertarians: 95% of Libertarians support Ron Paul.

Ron Paul's message is distinctly Libertarian, as shown in the following video from the Tonight Show:

As Ron said, "The message is powerful. You know, I have my shortcomings. But the message has no shortcomings. The message of liberty is what America is all about."

The message of liberty is what both Ron Paul and the Libertarian Party are all about:

We invite you to join the Party that believes what Ron Paul believes. Join the Party that welcomes you and your belief in the values of liberty.

Join the Libertarian Party. Start by joining the Michigan LP, then get involved with your local Libertarian chapter. We need every Ron Paul fan to join us and nurture the seeds of liberty that Ron Paul plants every day.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I vote in Republican primaries, can I vote for Libertarian candidates in general elections?

Yes. General election ballots are non-partisan. You can vote for whomever you like.

If I joined the Republican party in supporting Ron Paul, can I join the Libertarian party?

Yes. Ron Paul is a member of both parties, so you can be too.

I'm already a member of the Libertarian Party. What should I do next?

Get involved. Take a look at our list of State Officials—every one of them can use your help with operations and communications. Or take an open position where your leadership skills can shine. Also take a look at our local affiliates. Every one of them can use more active volunteers.

Don't let the Ron Paul Revolution die!
Join the only party that supports more freedom and less government.  
"Come home" to the Libertarian Party.