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April 10, 2007

  1. Upcoming Events

    April 10, 2007 - 7:00 PM
    First business meeting with the executive committee. All members and guests welcome. Please come and discuss our strategy for next year as we approach another election.
    Location: Grand Rapids Perkins on 28th street just west of the I-96 exit.
    Contact: Ken Howe Phone: 616-949-2844 Email: chair@lpwm.org

    April 10, 2007 - 7:30 PM
    Capital Area Libertarian Party monthly meeting. Planning for spring open house. Bring your own snacks and beverages.
    Location: LPM Lansing office at 2722 E Michigan Ave., Lansing, lower level, Suite 22
    Contact: Will Tyler White Phone: 517 349-3806 Email: whitewi5@msu.edu

    April 15, 2007 - 2:00 PM
    RAINBOW FARM AUTHOR VISITING CASS LIBRARY Cass District Library Tuesday announced that Dean Kuipers, author of "Burning Rainbow Farm," will pay a special visit to the library at 2 p.m. on Sunday, April 15, to talk about his writing experience, sign his book and answer guests' questions. More Information at: http://www.mapinc.org/author/Kuipers%2C+Dean
    Location: Cass District Library is located at 319 M-62 North, Cassopolis, Michigan
    Contact: Dean Kuipers Phone: (269) 445-3400 Email: john.eby@leaderpub.com

    April 18, 2007 - 10:00 AM
    Taxpayer Protest Rally! Everyday taxpayers need to show up at the Capitol in Lansing on April 18, bring a teabag that we will deliver to the Governor, and tell Lansing politicians to balance their budget by cutting spending and enacting reforms; NOT BY RAISING TAXES ON CITIZENS! Get to the Capitol around 10:00am. Rally starts at 11:00am, but you will need time to park. (Note: The AFT will also be there pushing for more taxes.)
    Location: State Capital Steps.
    Contact: Roger Phone: (586) 530-3298 Email: Kenneth.howe@comcast.net

    April 18, 2007 - 6:00 PM
    This will be a great place to ask questions or just sound off about libertarianism in particular of politics in general. The meeting is open to the public and we are always happy to see new faces.
    Location: The Libertarian Party of Southwest Michigan will hold it's regular monthly meeting at 6:00 pm Wednesday (Yes, Wednesday) April 18 at the International House of Pancakes, 1981 Pipestone, in Benton Harbor, about 100 yards, northwest of I-94 Exit 29.
    Contact: Bill Bradley Phone: (269) 637-4525 Email: wbradley@i2k.com

    April 18, 2007 - 6:00 PM
    We are always happy to see new faces. Hope to see you there.
    Location: LPSWM (Libertarian Party of Southwest Michigan)will be meeting at the IHOP, 1981 Pipestone Rd., in Benton Harber, just 100 yards west of I-94.
    Contact: Bill Bradley Phone: 269 637-4525 Email: wbradley@i2k.com

    April 25, 2007 - 7:30 PM
    Libertarian Party of Oakland County general membership meeting. Optional dinner at 6:30. Meeting at 7:30. Nonmembers are welcome.
    Location: Sila's Restaurant, 4033 W. 12 Mile, 2 blocks east of Greenfield, in Berkley.
    Contact: Adam Goodman Phone: 248-765-3213 Email: goodman582@hotmail.com

    May 05, 2007 - 00:00 AM
    The 2007 State Convention. Registration for the convention is free! There will be a banquet to follow in the evening (Diane Katz of the Mackinac Center)and a social event on Friday at the West Michigan Whitecaps baseball game. Details can be found at www.lpwm.org/stateconvention. For details visit http://www.lpwm.org/stateconvention or register online at: https://128bit.clickandpledge.com/default.aspx?ID=13742&cid=US&a
    Location: Grand Rapids Airport Hilton. Kentwood, Michigan.
    Contact: Eric Larson Phone: 888-Free-Now Email: ellarson0@comcast.net

    May 23, 2007 - 7:30 PM
    Libertarian Party of Oakland County general membership meeting. Optional dinner at 6:30. Meeting at 7:30. Nonmembers are welcome.
    Location: Sila's Restaurant, 4033 W. 12 Mile, 2 blocks east of Greenfield, in Berkley.
    Contact: Adam Goodman Phone: 248-765-3213 Email: goodman582@hotmail.com

    For more events, see the online calendar at:

  2. Register online for the 2007 'Success 2008'! — by Scotty Boman

    Registration forms and information pertaining to the 2007 Libertarian Party of Michigan Convention are available at:


    This is on the Libertarian Party of West Michigan's Web page. The LPWM has been gracious enough to host this important annual gathering. The convention is on May 5th but there are discounts for people to register by April 16th.

    Register and renew membership directly online at:


    Please remind your fellow Libertarians of this event; many people don't read LPM online thoroughly and may over-look this announcement.

    Important information for would-be delegates: "A person who has never been a member of the Libertarian Party of Michigan must become a member at least 30 days prior to a State convention before being allowed to vote at that convention."
    -LPM Bylaws-

    If you recently joined the national organization, you may not yet be an LPM member. So make sure to join the Michigan Party too. Dues must be current at the time of the convention to vote there.
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  3. Legislative Alert! Stop HB 4285 — by Scotty Boman

    HB 4285 has passed the State House of Representatives and is on it's way to the Michigan Senate. It would make running for office difficult and risky. It's passage by the senate would be a catastrophe to our party.

    Call, write and email your State Senator. Urge him or her to vote "NO" on any version of this bill.

    This Bill threatens to force almost ALL candidates for state office to disclose personal information. This information would be placed on the internet where it would be available to con-men and identity thieves. Worse yet, it would also require the family members of candidates to publicize their personal information as well.

    So how to the Republocrats get out of also complying? The maximum fine is $1000, so they can use a token amount of their huge campaign funds to pay the fine and keep their personal information private.

    Read it for yourself at:

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  4. Convention Update — by Eric Larson

    I have three verbal commitments (seen no cash yet) from presidential candidates with one wavering. Commitments so far are Bob Jackson of Michigan, Daniel Imperato of Florida, and Alden Link of New York. Christine Smith of Colorado is still wavering but I think I will get her to bite.
    If you know of any other candidates, please implore them to attend. Also, get your friends and fellow Michigan LPers out to meet these candidates. We now have enough attending to conduct a straw poll.

    I have 20 sold banquets as of right now. As it stands right now, the LEC stands to take a minor bath on the night. I expect to be able to sell 10 more dinners to West Michigan people but that still leaves about 30 for the rest of the state. Continue talking to everyone within your circles until we sell this thing. I really hope we generate some energy with this convention to help us carry forward to 2008.


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  5. New Outreach Tool — by Darrick Scott-Farnsworth

    To anyone who likes to write...

    Excellent place to post reduction of government commentary/titleiv-d, etc!!

    Just post our true conservative views.


    We should OWN this!
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  6. Taxes are Focus of April 18th Rally — by Darrick Scott-Farnsworth

    This coming week there is going to be multiple rallies held in Lansing Michigan on April 18th, 2007. Please read the following email and consider joining the rally with signs of support for giving power back to the family through the restoration of parental rights through Shared Parenting Legislation, Ending CPS Abuse by forcing jury trials with a clear and convincing evidence standard and the adoption of the Michigan Fair Tax. Shared Parenting allows children to be raised by both parents as they truly need, keeping children with their families rather then destroying their life and future without due-process will keep the state from abducting children to feed the foster care system and the Michigan Fair Tax will give individual families the ability to control the amount of taxes they pay and control the state’s use of their hard earned money.

    MI FairTaxers,

    1) THEME OF RALLY: TAXPAYER TEABAG PROTEST (Remember the Boston tea party?)

    Our April 18th tax rally will have the tea bag as our theme to draw a parallel to the Boston tea party that sparked the American Revolution. Similar to our forefathers, who had to deal with "taxation without representation", we have to contend with "taxation with misrepresentation". Some politicians tell us that they are going to tax businesses rather than tax individuals, but we are smart enough to know that we pay all businesses taxes when we buy their products. Our "Tea Party" theme will help educate the public of this big lie/misrepresentation and how we are losing our jobs because Michigan companies can't compete in the global economy with our tax inflated prices. This will be the event that sparks the MI FairTax Revolution.


    Last week, a Lansing reporter informed Leon Drolet, former state Rep. and spending watchdog, that a Governor’s staffer had told him that the Gov. was aware of the April 18 Taxpayer Teabag Protest planned at the Capitol - and was preparing a “surprise” for protesters.

    What “surprise”?

    Turns out that the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) has moved up their lobby day in Lansing to coincide with our Taxpayer Teabag Protest. They support Granholm’s plan to mandate government preschool for all children. And they are not alone. An organization called “Artserve”, which supports more tax dollars being spent on art, has also changed the day and time of their lobby day to April 18.

    It appears those that demand more and more spending and higher taxes will try to outdo us taxpayers that day. According to the AFT Michigan website, they are planning to bus public school teachers in from around the state. Ironic: Paid day off for public employees to counter a citizen’s protest against higher taxes.

    It is now even more important than ever to spread the word to all taxpayers about the Taxpayer Protest Rally! Michigan taxpayers need to show up at the Capitol in Lansing on April 18, bring a tea bag that we will deliver to the Governor, and tell Lansing politicians to balance their budget like we citizens have to do and solve the problem for the future by enacting the MI FairTax; NOT BY RAISING TAXES and driving more companies and jobs out of Michigan! Get to the Capitol around 10:00am. Rally starts at 11:00am, but you will need time to park (or unload your bus).

    Tax spenders are planning to hijack this rally, and demand more and more of YOUR money, apparently not concerned with the impact on our jobs and the future of our state. We cannot allow the voices of everyday taxpayers to be drowned out. Take the day off work, clear the calendar, gather your family and friends, club members, church members, etc. and organize car pools, van pools or rent busses and head to Lansing on April 18!

    We will be jointly sponsoring this rally with Americans For Prosperity and the Michigan Taxpayers Alliance. It will send a real message when MI FairTaxers show up in huge numbers with "MI FairTax" hand made signs. The media will be sure to give a lot of coverage to such a large demonstration and will likely put our comments on the air and in print. Frank Beckman of Michigan 's "flagship" radio station, WJR (AM 760), will be broadcasting from the event. Other radio and TV stations will likely follow suit.

    If the MI FairTax puts enough feet on the capitol steps, the media and the political wonks will recognize that we are a powerful political force to recon with and the MI FairTax "has legs". They will realize that the MI FairTax will be placed on the ballot so they better cover it and climb aboard the MI FairTax train or be left at a deserted station. Together we will spark the MI FairTax revolution.

    More information about the rally is shown below. For those of you that choose not to receive your MI FairTax messages in digest form a flyer is attached that you can print off and post where others can read about the rally. Additional information will follow.

    Yours in the cause,

    MI FairTax Director (volunteer)


    Darrick Scott-Farnsworth

    Executive Director www.AChildsRight.net



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  7. Political Campaign Workers sought — by Daniel J. Imperato

    [All candidates seeking the Libertarian nomination for President are welcome to submit an article to LPM online]

    Political Campaign Workers sought by the

    Daniel J. Imperato Presidential Campaign Team.

    We have posted to LibertyGuide.com for Media Team and Fundraising

    We also need State Campaign Coordinators and County Campaign

    Volunteers are always welcome!

    Please contact the Campaign:

    Submit Resume's by email.

    Tony Hernandez

    Campaign Manager

    Imperato for President

    561-833-4420 xtn 1021

    813-732-2831 cell




    Kerkorian Follows Imperato's Lead on UAW Chrysler Buyout Deal

    Detroit, MI - April 5, 2007 - Today Billionaire Investor, Kirk
    Kerkorian, made a bid to buy back the automaker that he tried to buy 9 years
    ago, Chrysler.

    Kerkorian's wholly-owned investment company, Tracinda Corp., on
    Thursday made a $4.5 billion cash offer for DaimlerChrysler AG's U.S.-based
    Chrysler unit.

    A deal would put Kerkorian in charge of Chrysler a decade after he
    claims he was tricked out of potentially billions of dollars in the 1998
    deal in which Germany's Daimler-Benz joined with Chrysler in the
    so-called "merger of equals."

    Tracinda in a statement said it wants "to build and strengthen" the
    troubled automaker and "will offer the United Auto Workers (UAW) and
    Chrysler management the opportunity to participate as equity partners in the

    Originally, the Detroit Free Press Reported that 2008 Presidential
    Candidate Daniel Imperato was working with "outside investors" in putting
    together a UAW Chrysler Buyout to save union jobs and place Chrysler
    equity in its underfunded pension.

    Then one week later Kerkorian and Imperato were spotted in the Las
    Vegas, albeit separately, which fueled some rumors that Kerkorian and
    Imperato were working together on the UAW Chrysler buyout.

    So that begs the question, is Kirk Kerkorian quietly supporting Daniel
    Imperato's plan to make Chrysler an Employee Owned Company (EOC)?

    Or even better is Kirk Kerkorian acting on behalf of Daniel Imperato to
    help support his presidential campaign and his quest to help keep good
    union jobs in America?

    A call was placed to Kerkorian's Beverly Hills Tracinda office.
    Kerkorian was unavailable for comment.

    A call was also placed to Daniel Imperato's personal office who
    informed i1connect that Imperato was in Detroit, home of the UAW and Chrysler.

    Imperato has publicly lobbied to keep automotive jobs in America as
    well as work with AFL-CIO leaders to help unionize and organize the labor
    of Latin American countries. According to Imperato, this would slow
    down jobs from moving out of the United States and would improve working
    conditions for workers in Latin America.

    Kerkorian, whose Tracinda was Chrysler's largest shareholder at the
    time of its 1998 merger with DaimlerBenz, sued the combined company in
    2000. He claimed that Daimler-Benz engineered a takeover of Chrysler, then
    cheated him out of billions by casting the deal as a merger of equals.
    A federal judge rejected his claim.

    With a political campaign fueling Imperato, and a missed opportunity 9
    years ago, it may be that politics has made for strange bedfellows once

    On the news of the Kerkorian bid, DaimlerChrysler shares climbed $3.42,
    or 4.3 percent, to $84.41 in late trading on the New York Stock
    Exchange after rising to a new 52-week high of $84.75 earlier in the session.

    *** This release has been created by i1connect, an independent news

    About i1connect:
    I1 Connect (www.i1connect.com) is the new online leader in global
    public relations and advertising. With a diversified set of offerings
    ranging from Public Relations, Press Releases Distribution, Advertising,
    Marketing, Website Development, to Investor Relations services,
    i1connect.com has positioned itself for a long term growth utilizing the latest in
    telecommunications technology.

    For Interviews and Media Inquiries Contact
    Press Department
    (561) 515-6177

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