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May 31, 2005

  1. Upcoming Events

    June 08, 2005 - 7:30 PM
    Monthly Meeting of the Libertarians of Macomb County. All members of the Libertarian Party, their friends and family, and anyone interested in learning more about the Libertarian Party are invited to attend. The meeting begins at 7:30, but feel free to join us for good food and conversation at 6:30.
    Location: The Cutting Board Restaurant. 28655 Schoenherr Road, Warren, MI 48093. The Cutting Board is on the west side of Schoenherr south of 12 Mile Road.
    Contact: Jim Allison Phone: (248) 548-2500 x2003

    June 25, 2005 - 3:00 PM
    Shootout fundraiser for Libertarian candidates running in nonpartisan elections. Only $45 per person. A lot of bang for the buck. We will provide a variety of pistols with ammo and targets. No expirience needed. Orientation at 2:45. Shootout from 3:00 to 5:00.
    Location: Double Action Indoor Shooting Center, 32411 Dequindre, south of 14 Mile, in Madison Heights.
    Contact: Mike Netski Phone: (586) 350-5596 Email: michael@netski.org

    June 05, 2005 - 11:00 AM
    Join Libertarians for Gay & Lesbian Concerns along with the Libertarian Party of Oakland County and support our outreach booth at this event which draws over 300,000 people annually.
    Location: Downtown Ferndale on 9 Mile Rd. west of Woodward Ave.
    Contact: James Hudler or Ray Warner Phone: 734-475-9792 or 313-361-2522 Email: MemDir@michiganlp.org

    June 22, 2005 - 7:30 PM
    Libertarian Party of Oakland County general membership meeting. Nonmembers are welcome. Meeting starts at 7:30. Optional dinner starts at 6:30.
    Location: Sila's Restaurant, 4033 W.12 Mile, 2 blocks east of Greenfield, in Berkley.
    Contact: Leonard Schwartz Phone: (248) 546-3569 Email: chair@lpocmi.org

    June 12, 2005 - 12:00 AM
    Regular Executive Committee Meeting of the LPM. All dues paying members are welcome to attend.
    Location: LPM State Office 913 W. Holmes Road; Southwind Office Park - Conference Room Lansing, MI 48910
    Contact: Nathan Allen, Chairman LPM Phone: (248) 891-3003 Email: chair@michiganlp.org

    June 14, 2005 - 7:30 PM
    Monthly meeting of the Capital Area Libertarian Party. Social time at 7, meeting at 7:30. Drinks and dinner optional.
    Location: Barley's Grill, 727 E Miller Rd., Lansing
    Contact: Will Tyler White Phone: 517 349-3806 Email: whitewi5@msu.edu

    August 09, 2005 - 00:00 AM
    Filing deadline for candidates for city elections in cities without a primary election.
    Location: Your city hall
    Contact: Leonard Schwartz Phone: 248-546-3569 Email: Leonard@Schwartz45.com

    For more events, see the online calendar at:

  2. Note From the Chair — by Nathan Allen

    This past week I had the privilege of visiting the West Michigan Affiliate. I attended their Liberty Banquet. The speaker was from Citizens for Parental Rights, a group that had endorsed my candidacy for State Rep. Last year. It was nice to actually meet one of my endorsers.

    The LPM will be purchasing a copy of the Qualified Voter File from the Secretary of State. Anybody who has need of voter information for party business should contact the Chair (chair@michiganlp.org) or the Political Director (poldir@michiganlp.org).
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  3. LPM Online Upgrades — by Greg Dirasian

    Some of you may notice some changes to your LPM Online this week. We are in the process of making some upgrades. Upgrades may continue for a while, so please be patient while we complete the process.

    Special note to the users who add articles and calendar events. Your password to enter information has changed. When you attempt to log into the system, just click on the "Forgot Password" link and you will be emailed a new password.
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  4. Libertarian Fundraiser — by Leonard Schwartz

    Fundraiser for Libertarian Candidates in Nonpartisan Elections

    Saturday, June 25, 3:00 - 5:00

    Double Action Indoor Shooting Center, 32411 Dequindre, 1/3 mile south of 14
    Mile, in Madison Heights

    We will provide a large variety of pistols, with ammo & targets. No
    experience necessary. We will provide training, starting at 2:45.

    Only $45 per person. A lot of bang for your buck. Bring your friends.
    Support Libertarians and have great fun.

    At least three LPM members will be candidates this year. LPM seeks
    additional candidates. The filing deadline is June 21 in cities with a
    September 13 primary. The deadline is August 9 in cities without a primary.

    The shootout is sponsored by the Fully Informed Voter Effort PAC, an
    independent political committee formed by Leonard Schwartz and the Troika
    -- Fred Collins, Barb Collins, and Greg Dirasian -- to support Libertarian

    For questions, contact Mike Netski, 586-350-5596, michael@netski.org.

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