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April 22, 2003


  1. Upcoming Events
  2. Michigan Libertarian back issues wanted
  3. Activists, activists!!
  4. Martin Howrylak Re-Elected - Captures 74.7% of Vote

  1. Upcoming Events

    April 22, 2003 - 7:00 AM
    "We the People" discussion group on topics related to libertarian ideas and the activities of out government institutions.
    Location: Denny's Restaurant, 3817 E. Cork St., Kalamazoo. (at Sprinkle and I-94). NEW LOCATION
    Contact: Gerald Phillips Phone: (269) 382 0927 E-mail: gaphillips@jasnetworks.net

    April 23, 2003 - 6:30 PM
    LP of Oakland County General Membership Meeting. Public welcome. Meet for dinner at 6:30pm, business begins at 7:30pm.
    Location: Sila's Restaurant, 4033 W. 12 Mile Rd, Berkley. Sila's is 2 blocks east of Greenfield on Twelve Mile Road.
    Contact: Nathan Allen Phone: (248) 363-3790 E-mail: chair@michiganlp.org

    April 24, 2003 - 7:00 PM
    Ottawa County Libertarians monthly gathering. We will gather at 7PM to gather outreach ideas and plan for our more formal quarterly meeting in June. This meeting will be the time for Ottawa County members and nonmembers to get there ideas heard.
    Location: The Yellow Jacket (Banquet Room) on Lake Michigan Drive (M45) and 120th in Ottawa County.
    Contact: Steve Van Til Phone: (616) 738-2807 E-mail: steven@hbdweb.com

    April 27, 2003 - 1:00 PM
    LPM LEC Meeting
    Location: LP of Michigan Headquarters 619 East Nine Mile Road Hazel Park, MI
    Contact: Bill Gelineau Phone: (616) 897-0488 E-mail: wgelineau@firstam.com

    May 1, 2003 - 7:30 PM
    Libertarian Party of Wayne County Monthly Meeting.
    Location: City Tavern Restaurant, 14316 Michigan Ave. in Dearborn between Greenfield and Schaefer Dinner orders taken will be taken at 6:30.
    Contact: Greg Stempfle Phone: (313) 359-3240 E-mail: stempfle@hotmail.com

    May 2, 2003 - 6:00 PM
    An invitation to attend the Annual Liberty Banquet Of The Libertarian Party of West Michigan
    With Special Guest Speaker, Gary Nolan 2004 Libertarian Party Presidential Nominee.
    Come and join us to hear the candidate with the Libertarian views you want in a president!
    Dinner Choices
    1. Chicken Kiev: Baked chicken breast stuffed with herbs and butter, topped with a delicate herb and butter sauce.
    2. Roast Sirloin of Beef: Slow roasted and cut buffet style.
    3. Cod Florentine: Oven baked on a bed of fresh spinach sautéed in sherry and butter.
    4. Vegetarian Dinner: House special.
    Reserve the dinner of your choice.
    Deadline for Reservations: April 18, 2003
    Twenty Five ($25.00) Dollars Per Person.
    Send check with choice of dinner(s) and number of tickets to:
    LPWM Banquet Committee
    12367 Sparta Ave NW
    Sparta, MI 49345

    Location: Best Western Midway Hotel, 4101 28th St SE, Grand Rapids, Michigan
    Contact: Tom Horan Phone: (616) 887-2428 E-mail: tomh@lpwm.org

    May 5, 2003 - 7:00 PM
    Kalamazoo-St. Joseph County Libertarian Party Meeting. This meeting open to the public and all welcome if a member or not of the Libertarian Party.
    Location: T.G.I. Friday's Restaurant 5650 W. Main, Oshtemo Located at State Hwy 131 & W. Main (Kalamazoo)
    Contact: Gerald Phillips Phone: (269) 382-0927 E-mail: gaphillips@jasnetworks.net

    May 8, 2003 - 7:00 PM
    Libertarian Party of West Michigan’s monthly membership meeting, drinks and dinner at 6:30 PM, meeting begins at 7:00 PM.
    Location: Club North (Banquet Room) 1359 Plainfield Ave NE Grand Rapids, MI 49505
    Contact: Tom Horan Phone: (616) 887-2428 E-mail: tomh@lpwm.org

    May 14, 2003 - 6:30 PM
    MACOMB COUNTY monthly meeting. Drinks and dinner at 6:30 PM, business begins at 7:00 PM.
    Location: Miles World Restaurant, 17689 Masonic, Fraser, MI 48026, (586)-415-4500.
    Contact: Keith Edwards Phone: (586) 777-7468 E-mail: keithmarni@aol.com

    May 14, 2003 - 7:30 PM
    LP of Oakland County Executive Committee Meeting. All dues-paying members are welcome.
    Location: LPM HQ, 619 E. 9 Mile Rd., Hazel Park, 48030
    Contact: Nathan Allen Phone: (248) 363-3790 E-mail: chair@michiganlp.org

    For more events, see the online calendar at:

  2. Michigan Libertarian back issues wanted by Greg Stempfle

    Starting with the next issue of the Michigan Libertarian, I will be writings articles about the history of the LPM. Similar to items appearing Reason and Scientific American magazine, I will have a section for "10 years ago in the LPM, 20 years ago in the LPM,a nd even 30 years ago in the LPM."

    Unfortunately I only have back issues through 1993 along with a few scattered issues from 1983. If anybody out there has old copies of the Michigan Libertarian please contact me so that I can photocopy them and attempt to create a complete record of our party's history. We also currently send our newsletter to a few librarys throughout the state. If anybody knows where I could track down issues from the 80s and 70s please get in touch with me. Thanks.

    Greg Stempfle-Editor Michigan Libertarian newsletter@michiganlp.org

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  3. Activists, activists!! by Bill Gelineau

    Thanks to the following people who have stepped into positions recently helping out the LPM.

    • Jim Allison, Brian Kelly and Greg Stempfle, who will be assisting Ben Bachrach with website and database functions.
    • Jerry Phillips, who has accepted the task of leading our efforts to build our membership base as Membership Director.
    • Todd Barnett, who will be assisting Greg Stempfle with Newletter activities gathering and writing information...particularly from the affiliates.
    • Jamie Lewis, who will be serving as Parliamentarian for the coming year.

    There are many tasks available..... we welcome the participation of all members to achieve the many plans for this year. If you have a skill or interest, please contact any member of the LEC or e-mail me direct. chair@michiganlp.org
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  4. Martin Howrylak Re-Elected - Captures 74.7% of Vote by Barb Goushaw

    Troy, Michigan--Opposition claims notwithstanding, Martin Howrylak clearly does represent "mainstream" Troy. And he will continue to do so for another three years.

    74.7% of the votes cast in the April 7 Troy city council election went to Howrylak. "That's even better than his first election in 2000, when he got 67.6%," said campaign manager, Fred Collins.

    And there was an interesting indication of voter sentiment to be gleaned from the numbers. 7,181 voters cast a ballot. Each could have voted for two of the three candidates running. Thus, 14,362 votes might have been logged. However, the actual total vote for all candidates was 11,929. This means that 2,433 voters - over a third - chose to vote for only one candidate. Since Stine and Pappageorge were running as a team it is reasonable to assume that those single votes went to Howrylak.

    "All day long people kept coming up to me and saying that they would have walked to the poll through three feet of snow in order to vote for Marty," said Howrylak's father, Frank Howrylak, who spent the day greeting voters at his home precinct. "Then they told me they were voting only for him," he added.

    Early in the campaign, opponent Cristina Pappageorge castigated Howrylak for his membership in the Libertarian Party because of the state party platform, despite the fact that this a non-partisan race. Even after being warned in a Troy Eccentric editorial that she ought to "rethink her apparent campaign strategy," the Stine/Pappageorge team and their supporters continued to harp on Howrylak's party affiliation right up to the end.

    But Troy voters resoundingly responded that it's what a candidate stands for and what he does that matter-not which party he belongs to. Perhaps future candidates will learn this lesson and focus on the issues affecting the city.

    Former Mayor, Jeanne Stine, who edged out her "team mate" by less than 200 votes, will take the second seat. But she finished a far distant second to Howrylak, who outpolled Stine by more than 2000 votes.

    Garnering strong support from Libertarians, conservative Republicans, and "Reagan-Democrats," Howrylak earned 5365 votes, while Stine and Pappageorge totaled only 3360 and 3204 votes, respectively. "If that's not a mandate from the people, I don't know what is," said Collins. "Our message was consistent throughout the campaign - 'Here is what Howrylak has done over the last three years, and here is what he wants to do in the next three. If you agree with these priorities, then vote for him.' Obviously," he concluded with a smile, "the voters agreed."

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