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September 18, 2001


  1. Upcoming Events
  2. Terrorist Attacks
  3. Libertarians Mourn Latest Drug War Casualties
  4. BARC Update

  1. Upcoming Events

    September 18, 2001 - 7:00 PM
    Monthly meeting of the Libertarians of Allegan County. All are welcome.
    Location: Home of James Joyce - 334 Cutler St., Allegan - Across the street from the Congregational Church
    Contact: Rick Dutkiewicz Phone: (616) 673-5503 E-mail: rdoogie@datawise.net

    September 19, 2001
    Monthly meeting of the St. Clair County affiliate.
    Location: Figaro's is located at 1503 11th Street, Port Huron, MI 48060. TX: (810) 987-3588. Join us for dinner at 6:00 PM. Business begins at 7:00 PM.
    Contact: Richard Friend Phone: (810) 982-7178 E-mail: rfriend@advnet.net

    September 20, 2001 - 7:00 PM
    The Van Buren County chapter will discuss progress on current projects and potential future ones. We look forward to seeing you there!!! It will be fun.
    Location: CT's restautant (corner of M-140 and Blue Star Highway)
    Contact: Bill Bradley Phone: (616) 637-4525 E-mail: bbradley@cybersol.com

    September 26, 2001 - 6:30 PM
    LP of Oakland County General Membership Meeting. Public welcome. Meet for dinner at 6:30pm, business begins at 7:30pm.
    Location: Sila's Restaurant, 4033 W. 12 Mile Rd, Berkley. Sila's is 2 blocks west of Greenfield on Twelve Mile Road.
    Contact: Chris Pellerito Phone: (248) 373-9411 E-mail:  LpocChairChris@aol.com

    September 27, 2001 - 7:00 PM
    The Ballot Access Restoration Committee meets the second and fourth Thursday every month -- until we submit petition signatures to the Bureau of Elections to be certified to once again be able to run Libertarian candidates in partisan races. All LPM members are welcome to attend and help with both the planning and execution of our petition drive.
    Location: LPMHQ, 619 E. 9 Mile, Hazel Park (just east of I-75)
    Contact: Nancy O'Brien Phone: (313) 562-5778 E-mail: nobrien321@home.com

    September 29, 2001 - 6:00 PM
    Libertarian Party of Washtenaw County Sixth Annual Sam Adams Dinner (http://www.mi.lp.org/wash/sa.htm.

    Guest speaker will be Terence Pell, chief executive officer of the Center for Individual Rights. CIR is the Washington, D.C.-based public interest law firm that is representing individuals in their legal challenge of the admissions systems at the University of Michigan. The title of his speech is "Affirmative Inaction at the University of Michigan."

    The event is open to the public. Tickets are $35 per person if reserved before September 10 ($50 after or at the door). Tables of 8 may be reserved.
    Location: Creekside Grill, 5827 Jackson Rd, Ann Arbor
    Contact: Emily Salvette Phone: (734) 668-2607 E-mail: salvette@ameritech.net

    October 1, 2001 - 7:30 PM
    Meeting of the Andy LeCureaux for Hazel Park City Council Campaign.
    Location: LPM HQ, 619 East Nine Mile Rd., Hazel Park
    Contact: Dave Collver Phone: (248) 542-9274 E-mail: DCCollver@aol.com

    October 2, 2001 - 7:00 PM
    Kalamazoo Libertarian Party general meeting
    Location: TGI Friday's Restaurant, 5650 W. Main Street, Kalamazoo Michigan
    Contact: Mickey Hall Phone: (616) 345-2455 E-mail: mickhall09@aol.com

    October 10, 2001 - 6:30 PM
    Libertarians of Macomb County monthly meeting. Drinks and dinner at 6:30 PM, business begins at 7:00 PM.
    Location: Miles World Resturant, 17689 Masonic, Fraser, MI 48026, 810-415-4500.
    Contact: Diane Barnes Phone: (810) 774-1625 E-mail: dbarnes98@aol.com

    October 11, 2001 - 7:00 PM
    The Ballot Access Restoration Committee meets the second and fourth Thursday every month -- until we submit petition signatures to the Bureau of Elections to be certified to once again be able to run Libertarian candidates in partisan races. All LPM members are welcome to attend and help with both the planning and execution of our petition drive.
    Location: LPMHQ, 619 E. 9 Mile, Hazel Park (just east of I-75)
    Contact: Nancy O'Brien Phone: (313) 562-5778 E-mail: nobrien321@home.com

    For more events, see the online calendar at:

  2. Terrorist Attacks by LP Press Release

    2600 Virginia Avenue, NW, Suite 100
    Washington DC 20037
    World Wide Web: http://www.LP.org
    For release: September 12, 2001
    For additional information:
    George Getz, Press Secretary
    Phone: (202) 333-0008 Ext. 222
    E-Mail: pressreleases@hq.LP.org

    Libertarian Party expresses "profound sorrow, grief for tragic loss of life" in terror attack

    Statement by Chairman James W. Lark in response to September 11 terrorist attacks:

    WASHINGTON, DC -- On behalf of the Libertarian Party, I wish to express our profound sorrow and grief for the tragic loss of life and suffering caused by yesterday's terrorist attacks. Our hearts go out to the victims and their grieving families and friends. Nothing we say can ease the devastation and sense of loss they feel -- and that every other American certainly shares -- but we stand with them in mourning the loss of friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, loved ones, and fellow citizens.

    The Libertarian Party condemns the vicious and barbaric attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. There is no excuse for such savage acts. No legitimate political or religious ideology can justify the murder of thousands of innocent people. These actions, and the revulsion they cause to all decent people around the world, demonstrate in the starkest way possible that the initiation of force is never an appropriate way to settle political or social differences. The result of such violence is more hatred, more grieving relatives and friends, more tombstones -- and, ultimately, more violence. Libertarians unequivocally reject the initiation of force as a solution to the disagreements between people and between governments.

    The Libertarian Party calls for justice to be meted out to the terrorists responsible for the attacks. However, we encourage the United States government to be sure that any response is appropriate and measured. Action should not be taken that will cause innocent people in other countries to be killed because of the actions of terrorists. Such a response would only continue the cycle of violence and revenge.

    The Libertarian Party calls on all Libertarians to aid our fellow Americans who have suffered from this horrible ragedy: Donate blood for the victims fighting for their lives in hospitals in New York and Washington, DC. Contribute to the charities that will assist the families and relatives. If you live near where the attacks took place, volunteer to assist in rescue or recovery efforts, as appropriate. And if you know any of the victims' families, offer solace and support in any way you can. Now is a time for all Libertarians to stand together to help those who are suffering.

    The Libertarian Party calls on all Americans to act with tolerance and kindness in the days to follow. A natural reaction after such a tragedy is to find a scapegoat -- to blame Arab-Americans, or individuals who practice the Islamic faith, or other people who are in some way different. We must rise above that impulse. If Americans turn down a path of hatred and intolerance, then the terrorists will have won.

    That's not the only way terrorists can win. In the past, some have responded to terrorism with proposals to restrict the civil liberties of Americans. We must resist that tendency. The fundamental rights that define the very essence of America should not be destroyed in an effort to deal with terrorism or any other problem. Citizens must remain ever vigilant that terrorists don't win by turning America into the kind of nation where our cherished freedoms are only a fading memory.

    Finally, the Libertarian Party hopes these attacks will elicit a thoughtful national discussion about how we can prevent similar tragedies in the future. Of course, there is no way to guarantee that evil will not strike again. However, a foreign policy that limits our intervention in the affairs and quarrels of other nations is a foreign policy that will reduce the chance that terrorists will want to strike at America. Peace and free trade with all nations, and entangling alliances with none, is a time-honored prescription for an America that is at peace with the world, and for a nation that has little to fear from the savage and bloodthirsty actions of terrorists.

    Again, our hearts go out to the thousands of Americans who suffered a loss during the terrible events of September 11, 2001. It is a tragic day that will live in our memories -- but is also a day that will allow the best of America to shine through by virtue of our response.

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  3. Libertarians Mourn Latest Drug War Casualties by Press Release

    CONTACT: Tim O'Brien
    (313) 562-5778

    HAZEL PARK. "On September 3 last year my[US] senate campaign took me to Rainbow Farm," recollected Libertarian Party chair Michael Corliss. "I remember shaking Tom Crosslin's hand, and telling him and his supporters that Libertarians fully endorse their right to grow and use marijuana on their own property."

    The Libertarian Party has, since its founding more than three decades ago, opposed drug prohibition on principle. It's shocking to realize," he continued, "that exactly one year later -- to the day -- federal agents would shoot him to death."

    Grover (Tom)Crosslin was killed by an FBI sniper early Monday morning. The federal agentalleges that the marijuana legalization proponent first pointed a weapon at him.

    "Tom was such a gentle soul," Corliss added, "I find it impossible to believe that he ever threatened anyone. Rainbow Farm is another incident like Mount Carmel in Waco [Texas] where everyone for miles around said these were decent, honorable people and good neighbors. There were no complaints. There was never any trouble -- until law enforcement authorities decided to make some."

    About 100 police, deputies and federal agents surrounded the farm on Friday after Crosslin failed to appear in court on marijuana and gun possession charges. There were also several structure fires on the property, which authorities speculated were deliberately set by Crosslin and his long-time partner Rolland Rohm rather than permitting the buildings to be confiscated under asset forfeiture laws.

    Rohm was also shot and killed the day after Crosslin by another federal agent who asserted the same justification -- that Rohm had aimed (but not fired) first at his killer.

    "In view of recent federal atrocities," LP executive director Tim O'Brien added, "some of us have become more than a little suspicious when there is not a shred of physical evidence to support official versions of these kinds of incidents. Isn't it convenient for the FBI snipers that the only two other witnesses to what transpired in these separate confrontations are both dead? Does anyone believe," he asked, "that authorities would accept such uncorroborated claims of self-defense from any of us?"

    Libertarians mourn these needless deaths. "Tom Crosslin," Corliss concluded, "believed that federal agents had no proper authority, based on the Constitution, to tell him he could not smoke whatever he wanted, as long as it harmed no one else. Tragically, he was dead right."

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  4. BARC Update by Nancy O'Brien

    We have 23,017 signatures to date and just 32 days left until the October 20 final deadline for submission of signatures. For those of you who have been putting it off, now is the time to get out there and petition! It will not be easier next month. The cold weather will soon be upon us and most of the outdoor events will dry up.

    With approximately 4,000 signatures checked against the state’s qualified voter list, we are consistently averaging an impressive 84% valid rate. As a result, we feel confident that our 50,000 gross signature goal may be safely reduced to 45,000 gross. (We do not wish to lower the goal any more than that because experience has shown that validity rates drop in the final weeks of a petition drive and we cannot rely on our ability to sustain the 84% rate.) Special thanks to our volunteers who have been spending hours at HQ on this mind-numbingly tedious task. Their attention will now turn to fixing mistakes in signatures already gathered, thereby turning otherwise bad signatures to good ones. We will be awarding lapel pins to any volunteer who logs in eight hours or more on the HQ computers for this purpose.

    Special thanks also to our top twenty signature collectors. As of today they are:

    F. Name	L. Name	Sigs.
    Leonard C.	Schwartz	1647
    Albert J	Titran	1281
    Ben	Steele	1277
    Jerry E	Bloom	722
    Richard E	Jozwiak	535
    Violet	Steele	417
    Benjamin	Steele	404
    Greg	Dirasian	343
    Trafton	Jean	306
    Charles	Goodman	296
    Stephen	Townsend	270
    Lloyd	Sherman II	267
    Fred	Collins	262
    Jean Paul	Denoyer	259
    Michael	Dickson	246
    Constance	Catalfio	239
    Bill	Gelineau	232
    David James	Eisenbacher	230
    Trevor	Peck	230
    James L.	Hudler	217

    Following is the current status of each affiliate in terms of meeting its “fair share” goals. Each affiliate’s fair share was determined by multiplying the number of members in the affiliate by 27. That is the number each would need to collect for the LPM’s 50,000 signature target to meet the state’s requirement. The first percentage is signatures collected. The second percentage is signatures collected plus monetary donations.
    	Affiliate	Sigs. Collected	Goal	% Of Goal
    Allegan 	95	   560	   17.0%
    Berrien 	163	   560	   29.1%
    Branch-Hillsdale 	48	   351	   17.9%
    Clare-Gladwin 	269	   320	   84.0%
    Ionia	23	   240	    9.6%
    Kalamazoo 	84	   1013	    8.3%
    Lapeer-Genesee	627	   1413	   44.4%
    Livingston	98	   1732	    5.7%
    Macomb 	1986	   5784	   34.3%
    Mid-Michigan	523	   2852	   18.3%
    Midwest Michigan	305	   560	   54.5%
    Oakland 	5238	   10688	   49.0%
    Ottawa 	138	   800	   17.3%
    South Central Michigan	44	   1652	    2.7%
    Shiawassee 	2559	   293	 873.4%
    Saint Clair 	13	   693	    1.9%
    Traverse Bay	18	   773	    2.3%
    Tri-Cities	1054	   1173	   89.9%
    Upper Peninsula	39	   1119	    3.5%
    Van Buren 	324	   426	   76.0%
    Washtenaw 	1346	   2799	   48.0%
    Wayne 	1327	   8422	   15.8%
    West Michigan	489	   2799	   17.5%
    	Affiliate	$$ + Sigs.	Goal	  % 0f Goal
    Allegan 	195	   560	    34.8%
    Berrien 	371	   560	    66.3%
    Branch-Hillsdale 	189	   351	    43.8%
    Clare-Gladwin 	269	   320	    84.0%
    Ionia	23	   240	      9.6%
    Kalamazoo 	129	   1013	    12.7%
    Lapeer-Genesee	1342	   1413	    95.0%
    Livingston	1000	   1732	    57.7%
    Macomb 	3536	   5784	    61.1%
    Mid-Michigan	937	   2852	    32.9%
    Midwest Michigan	371	   560	    66.3%
    Oakland 	9755	   10688	    90.9%
    Ottawa 	141	   800	    17.6%
    South Central Michigan	79	   1652	      4.8%
    Shiawassee 	2599	   293	  887.0%
    Saint Clair 	43	   693	      6.2%
    Traverse Bay	81	   773	    10.5%
    Tri-Cities	1582	   1173	  134.9%
    Upper Peninsula	312	   1119	    27.9%
    Van Buren 	372	   426	    87.3%
    Washtenaw 	2266	   2799	    81.0%
    Wayne 	3184	   8422	    37.9%
    West Michigan	933	   2799	    33.3%
    Congratulations to Tri-Cities for becoming the second affiliate to surpass your goal!

    Note: We now have professional petitioners coming from out of state to supplement our own Michigan member efforts (both volunteer and paid) and insure sufficient signature volume to reach our goal. It saves both them and the party money when we can house them with members instead of putting them up at motels. If you can host one of our petitioners for a week or two, please contact me at nobrien321@home.com. In particular, we need someone in the Metro-Detroit area who can house a petitioner between September 22 and September 30. She has been staying with a member who will be out of town during that period of time.
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