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March 21, 2000


  1. Upcoming Events
  2. Campaign Finance Law Changes
  3. Troy City Councilmen Reverse Themselves
  4. LPM going back on the Talk Radio airwaves
  5. Ottawa County holds first official meeting
  6. Troy Incumbents on the Run

  1. Upcoming Events

    March 21, 2000 - 7:00 PM
    The Libertarians of Allegan County monthly meeting. All interested are welcome.
    Location: Blue Heron coffeeshop in downtown Allegan, Located behind Docherty's on the downtown waterfront. The roadway to enter the waterfront area is at the corner of Hubbard and Chestnut.
    Contact: Rick Dutkiewicz Phone: (616) 673-5503 E-mail: rdoogie@datawise.net

    March 22, 2000 - 6:30 PM
    LP of Oakland County General Membership Meeting. Public welcome. Meet for dinner at 6:30PM, business begins at 7:30PM.
    Location: Sila's, 4033 W. 12 Mile Rd., Berkley. Sila's is located 2 blocks east of Greenfield on 12 Mile Rd.
    Contact: Greg Dirasian Phone: (248) 592-9731 E-mail: greg@newsnetpipeline.com

    March 23, 2000 - 7:00 PM
    Video Nite featuring Ayn Rand, John Stossel, David Kelley and more. Sponsored by LP of Washtenaw Co.
    Location: Dominick's Restaurant, 812 Monroe St., Ann Arbor
    Contact: James Hudler Phone: (734) 475-9792

    March 27, 2000 - 6:30 PM
    Meeting of the LPM Presidential Campaign Committee.
    Location: Home of Barb Goushaw, 19514 West Nine Mile Road, Southfield MI (between Southfield and Evergreen Roads. Call or e-mail Barb Goushaw if you need better directions.)
    Contact: Barb Goushaw Phone: (248) 355-5058 E-mail: bgoush@aol.com

    March 28, 2000 - 7:30 PM
    Debate: "What should the federal government's role be in public education?" Sponsored by The Flint Area Public Affairs Debate Committee. Panelists: Representing the LIBERTARIAN PARTY, TRAFTON JEAN, candidate for State Representative, 85th House District; Representing the Democratic Party, Kathleen Straus, Vice President, State Board of Education; Representing the Reform Party, Eric Borregard, Candidate for State Representative, 37th House District; and Representing the Republican Party, Dorothy Beardmore, President, State Board of Education.
    Location: International Institute, 515 Stevens Street, Flint (By U of M Flint Campus)
    Contact: Ben Steele III Phone: (517) 288-5616 E-mail: bsteele1@tir.com

    March 30, 2000 - 7:00 PM
    Speech: "What is Brass Roots?" with a libertarian defense of the 2nd Amendment by Michael Carson, Executive Director of Brass Roots. Sponsored by LP of Washtenaw Co.
    Location: Dominick's Restaurant, 812 Monroe St., Ann Arbor
    Contact: James Hudler Phone: (734) 475-9792

    April 1, 2000
    During the Hash Bash, Ann Arbor's annual mega counter-culture hemp advocacy festival, the LP of Washtenaw Co. will have an info and outreach booth at Dominick's Restaurant.
    Location: Dominick's Restaurant, 812 Monroe St, Ann Arbor, just a block away from the Univ. of Michigan "Diag"
    Contact: James Hudler Phone: (734) 475-9792

    April 6, 2000 - 7:00 PM
    LP of Washtenaw business meeting
    Location: Dominick's Restaurant, 812 Monroe St., Ann Arbor
    Contact: James Hudler Phone: (734) 475-9792

    April 9, 2000 - 1:00 PM
    Libertarian Party of Michigan Executive Committee meeting. All members of the LPM are welcome, but if you are not an LEC member or one of its appointees, please let us know you are coming so we can accomodate extra persons, thank you.
    Location: Home of Barb Goushaw and Bruce Hoepner, 19514 W. Nine Mile Rd., Southfield (248-355-5058).
    Contact: Stacy Van Oast Phone: (810) 784-8783 E-mail: stacyvo@eesc.com

    April 12, 2000 - 6:00 PM
    Monthly meeting of the St. Clair County Libertarians. We will be electing our officers for the year as well as making nominations for candidates to run in the upcoming election.
    Location: Armbrusters Sports Bar and Grill located at 1211 Griswold, Port Huron, MI 48060. TX: (810) 982-2255. Join us for dinner at 6:00 PM. Business begins at 7:00 PM. If you would like more information, please feel free to contact us
    Contact: Eric Wojciechowski Phone: (810) 598-8618 E-mail: ewojo@worldnet.att.net

    For more events, see the online calendar at:

  2. Campaign Finance Law Changes by Leonard Schwartz

    Candidates for state and local office in Michigan are now required to get the name and address of all contributors, even if it is only $1 for a bumper sticker. Candidates can still accept cash contributions up to $20, but they must get the name and address. This change became effective on March 10.

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  3. Troy City Councilmen Reverse Themselves by Greg Dirasian

    Thanks to the Howrylak campaign, incumbent Troy City Councilmen Tony Palotta and Eldon Thompson will be reversing themselves on the Troy City Council pension plan.

    At the League of Women Voters candidate night on March 16, Tony Palotta announced that he will move to repeal the pension plan and Eldon Thompson said he was looking forward to seconding it.

    We have them scared. It is vital that we have your help for our city-wide lit drop on Saturday March 25. If you can help, please email Greg Dirasian at greg@newsnetpipeline.com. We will meet at the home of Audre Zembrzuski at 9:30 AM. Directions to Audre's house are as follows.

    Adams Road going north, pass Big Beaver, Wattles, before Long Lake (which will be the next light) there is a church 1/2 way down Adams. Pass the church, count that street as 1, go to the 2nd street. There will be a sign on the right hand side, STRAWBERRY HILL turn right (east, go to the fork, and stay to the right of the fork, this is SHADYWOOD, -- on the left side is a park, go past the park with tennis court, Audre's house is the first house on left side. It is right next to the park, 2842 Shadywood, Troy.

    If you get lost, call Greg Dirasian at (248) 515-3675, or Fred Collins at (248) 321-6355.

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  4. LPM going back on the Talk Radio airwaves

    The LPM will be running another flight of radio ads on talk radio stations throughout the state with a 60 second spot urging listeners to contact legislators in opposition to putting any taxes on the Internet and promoting both the 1-800-ELECT-US phone number and the party's SpeakOutMichigan web site. The ads will air during the weeks of March 27 and April 3rd as follows:

    Detroit ADI
    WXYT   	10a-12n M-F	"Mark Scott"		10/week
       	12n-3p	M-F	"Rush"			1/week
      	3p-9p 	M-F	"McCulloch/Barrett"	5/week
    Grand Rapids ADI
    WOOD 	N-3p	MWThF	"Rush Limbaugh"		4/week
    	5:45a	T	"Limbaugh Update"*	1/week
    	6p-10p	M-F	"Reagan"		5/week
    	1a-5a	M-F	"Art Bell"		10/week
    * Includes Billboard:  	"Brought to you by the Libertarian 
                             Party of Michigan. Call 1-800-
                             ELECT-US for free information."
    WTKG	5p-7p	M-F	"G. Gordon Liddy"	5/week
    Lansing ADI
    WJIM	5:30a-8p  M-F	(Rotator)	        30/week
    	5:30a-12m S-S	(Rotator)		10/week
    	1a-4a	  M-S	(Rotator)		21/week
    Saginaw ADI
    WSGW	12n-3p	M-F	"Rush"			5/week
    	3p-6p	M-F	"Knowles"		5/week
    	1a-4a	M-F	"Art Bell"		15/week
    Traverse City ADI
    WTCM	6a-Mid	M-F	(Rotator)       	15/week
    	1a-4a	M-F	"Art Bell"		10/week
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  5. Ottawa County holds first official meeting by Jason C. Miller

    On March 14, the new Ottawa County Libertarian Party [OCLP] held its first official meeting with eleven people in attendance. New faces showed up and several expected people had to cancel. The OCLP and several guests explained plans future projects and the next meeting.

    The next meeting will be on April 25 at the Yellow Jacket Inn. The OCLP will be adopting bylaws and electing officers. Representatives from the LPM are invited to come and preside over the formation of a new and active affiliate.

    How many more can we have going before convention?

    If you would like to come to the OCLP meeting, please email Jason C. Miller.

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  6. Troy Incumbents on the Run by Greg Dirasian

    Political cartoon from Howrylak campaign brochure

    On Monday, March 13, 2000, volunteers helped address and mail letters to 2038 absentee voters. We felt we had a good letter and a good chance at winning the election. The response amazed the campaign team. The candidate, Martin Howrylak received one negative phone call, 4 positive phone calls and 3 positive emails.

    But, it was the response of the incumbents that told us we were on the right track. The most controversial issue in Troy was the pension plan that the council had voted for on February 21. Citizen comments against the pension plan were so strong, that on March 16, 2000 (3 days after we mailed our absentee letter condemning the pension plan), the incumbent candidates announced that they would make a motion at the next council meeting to repeal the plan.

    The election is April 3, 2000 -- less than two weeks away. Martin has already put a substantial amount of his own money into this campaign, but we need more help. This campaign is winnable! We need help to print and mail our last piece of campaign literature. Every contribution, no matter how large or small will be a tremendous help. We have already defined the debate in this race and forced the incumbents to respond to us. If you could send a $50 or $25 contribution to the campaign today, we can make a real impact.

    Please send your best contribution to:

    Citizens for Howrylak
    3035 Newport Ct.
    Troy, Michigan   48084
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