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February 8, 2000


  1. Upcoming Events
  2. Candidate 101 Workshop
  3. LPOC Runs First Candidate of the Millenium
  4. LPOC Launches Highly Advanced Communications System (HACS)
  5. LPOC Elects New Officers
  6. Steinport Campaign Gains Steam.
  8. National LP Chair Will Not Seek Reelection
  9. Leadership Conference This Month!!!

  1. Upcoming Events

    February 9, 2000 - 6:00 PM
    Libertarians of Macomb County monthly meeting. Drinks and dinner at 6:00 PM, business begins at 7:00 PM.
    Location: Heinzman's Heidelberg, 43785 Gratiot, Clinton Twp, just north of Mt. Clemens.
    Contact: Keith Edwards Phone: (810) 777-7468 E-mail: keithmarni@aol.com

    February 9, 2000 - 6:30 PM
    LP of Oakland County Executive Committee Meeting Meeting. All dues paying members are welcome. Meet for dinner at 6:30PM, business begins at 7:30PM.
    Location: Sila's, 4033 W. 12 Mile Rd., Berkley. Sila's is located 2 blocks east of Greenfield on 12 Mile Rd.
    Contact: Greg Dirasian Phone: (248) 592-9731 E-mail: greg@newsnetpipeline.com

    February 10, 2000 - 7:00 PM
    LP of Washtenaw Co weekly meeting. Election of officers, convention planning, medical marijuana petition drive.
    Location: Cubs' AC Restaurant, next to Colonial Lanes, 1950 S. Industrial Hwy., Ann Arbor
    Contact: James Hudler Phone: (734) 475-9792

    February 12, 2000 - 9:30 AM
    Candidate 101 Workshop Everything Libertarian candidates need to present a professional Libertarian image for their 2000 campaigns: photos, issues/positions, Q&A, more! coffee and donuts at 9:30 registration; pizza and pop provided for lunch. Seminar runs 10-5
    Location: Barb Goushaw's Home Southfield, MI bgoush@aol.com for directions
    Contact: Stacy Van Oast Phone: (810) 784-8783 E-mail: stacyvo@eesc.com

    February 14, 2000 - 6:30 PM
    Libertarian Party of Livingston County invites you to attend our monthly meeting. Dinner at 7 p.m. and business begins at 8 p.m. Election of officers will be held at this meeting.
    Location: Mexican Jones Restaurante, 675 W. Grand River, Brighton, MI
    Contact: Teresa Pollok Phone: (810) 229-0737 E-mail: tpollok@livingonline.com

    February 16, 2000
    St. Clair County Libertarian Party monthly meeting
    Location: Armbrusters Sports Bar and Grill located at 1211 Griswold, Port Huron, MI 48060. TX: (810) 982-2255. Join us for dinner at 6:00 PM. Business begins at 7:00 PM.
    Contact: Eric Wojciechowski Phone: (810) 598-8618 E-mail: ewojo@worldnet.att.net

    February 17, 2000
    LP of Washtenaw Co weekly meeting.
    Location: Cubs' AC Restaurant, next to Colonial Lanes, 1950 S. Industrial Hwy., Ann Arbor
    Contact: James Hudler Phone: (734) 475-9792

    February 17, 2000 - 6:30 PM
    Monthy dinner meeting.
    Location: CT's Restaurant (South Haven on the corner of Blue Star Hwy and M-140)
    Contact: Bill Bradley (not the candidate) Phone: (616) 637-1788 E-mail: bbradley@cybersol.com

    February 19, 2000 - 7:00 PM
    LPSC Public Meeting. Attorney Greg Schmid of the Personal Responsibility Initiative is guest speaker. Meet at 6 if you want to eat.
    Location: Brenda's Bistro, Durand
    Contact: Ben Steele III Phone: (517) 288-5616 E-mail: bsteele1@tir.com

    February 23, 2000 - 6:30 PM
    LP of Oakland County General Membership Meeting. Public welcome. Meet for dinner at 6:30PM, business begins at 7:30PM.
    Location: Sila's, 4033 W. 12 Mile Rd., Berkley. Sila's is located 2 blocks east of Greenfield on 12 Mile Rd.
    Contact: Greg Dirasian Phone: (248) 592-9731 E-mail: greg@newsnetpipeline.com

    February 24, 2000 - 7:00 PM
    LP of Washtenaw Co weekly meeting. Presentations about firearm ownership.
    Location: Cubs' AC Restaurant, next to Colonial Lanes, 1950 S. Industrial Hwy., Ann Arbor
    Contact: James Hudler Phone: (734) 475-9792

    February 27, 2000
    Deadline for LPM Outstanding Affiliate of the Year Contest.
    Location: Mail entries to: 21835 Cherry Hill Road, Dearborn 48124-1149
    Contact: Ben Steele III Phone: (517) 288-5616 E-mail: bsteele1@tir.com

    February 27, 2000 - 10:00 AM
    Winter 2000 Affiliate Leadership Conference -- Look for more information in the state newsletter, contact your local Affiliate Chair, or call/e-mail contact below.
    Location: Bavarian Inn MOTOR LODGE (not to be confused with Bavarian Inn RESTAURANT) in Frankenmuth
    Contact: Jim Fitzpatrick Phone: (517) 799-4826 E-mail: jfitzpatrick@webtv.net

    February 28, 2000 - 6:30 PM
    Meeting of the LPM Presidential Campaign Committee.
    Location: Home of Barb Goushaw, 19514 West Nine Mile Road, Southfield MI (between Southfield and Evergreen Roads. Call or e-mail Barb Goushaw if you need better directions.)
    Contact: Barb Goushaw Phone: (248) 355-5058 E-mail: bgoush@aol.com

    For more events, see the online calendar at:

  2. Candidate 101 Workshop by Stacy Van Oast

    Candidate 101 Workshop

    Just a reminder to all Libertarian candidates: the Candidate 101 Workshop is being presented this Saturday, February 12 at Barb Goushaw's home in Southfield.

    Registration will begin at 9:30 with coffee and donuts. Seminar will begin promptly at 10:00 a.m. and run til 5:00. Don't miss this opportunity to get your candidate photo taken, define your issues and positions, write your bio, and do all those things necessary to run an effective, professional campaign with limited financial and time resources!

    Our candidates are promoting our message and our cause; the Libertarian Party of Michigan is providing these candidate essentials to help promote the best image possible.

    Contact Stacy Van Oast for info: stacyvo@eesc.com

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  3. LPOC Runs First Candidate of the Millenium by Greg Dirasian

    The LPOC is pleased to announce the first candidate of the millenium. On January 24, 2000, Martin Howrylak filed to run for Troy City Council - elections to be held on April 3, 2000. Martin currently sits on the Troy Historic District Commission, and has run for Troy City Council twice before - garnering the endorsement of the Troy Eccentric newspaper in one of his previous races.

    Martin will be running an active campaign in this non-partisan race. Controversial issues, such as tax abatements, expanded community centers, and a compensation review commission, make the 2 incumbents in this 4-way race vulnerable.

    Anybody who is interested in volunteering to help or contribute money, please contact Greg Dirasian (greg@newsnetpipeline.com or 248-592-9731). We need to win these small races before we can go on and win the big ones.

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  4. LPOC Launches Highly Advanced Communications System (HACS) by Greg Dirasian

    On January 30, 2000, the Libertarian Party of Oakland County launched their Highly Advanced Communication System (HACS). The basis for HACS is a portable toll-free telephone number. Authorized members of the LPOC can program the toll-free number to ring at any phone they choose. This is a useful feature if we issue a press release and are expecting calls from the media - we can program them toll-free number to ring at a phone that we know will be attended.

    When unattended, the toll-free number is parked at a line that is answered by a computer. Multiple voice mail boxes can be set up for people who need them (for example, one for the chair, one for the public relations director, and every candidate can have their own).

    Each voice mailbox has numerous capabilities. In addition to being able to record a voice message, the mailbox can also accept faxes, and supports fax-on-demand. The fax-on-demand capability will be used so that members of the media can retrieve candidate literature.

    If either a voice message or fax is left in a user's mailbox, that information can be immediately delivered to the user. For example, if a member of the media leaves a message for a candidate, that message could be immediately delivered to the candidates cell phone, or, the candidate could be paged so that he knows to retrieve his messages.

    Once again, the Libertarian Party of Oakland County has used technology to get more done with less.

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  5. LPOC Elects New Officers by Greg Dirasian

    The Libertarian Party of Oakland County held their annual convention on January 26, 2000.

    Lorna Tate was awarded the first annual "Oakie" award for service above and beyond the call of duty. Lorna, who is leaving Oakland County to head for the hinterlands of northern Michigan, served as LPOC secretary and volunteer of last resort (if nobody else would do anything, Lorna made sure it got done). The award is a beautiful acrylic flame with and oak tree engraved on it and an inscription.

    John Ward retired as chair and took on the honorary title of Past Chair (where he will continue to offer his expertise to the LPOC Central Committee). The new officers are:

              Chair - Gary Bora
              Vice Chair - Greg Dirasian
              Secretary - Pam Collins
              Treasurer - Dianne Szabla
              At-Large - Chris Pellerito
              At-Large - Steve Schulte
              At-Large - Lloyd Sherman

    Gary Bora addressed the convention, distributed a roster of new committees, and immediately began recruiting volunteers. Members of the LPOC were up to the task, and several volunteered to take on the new assignments. Congratulations and good luck to the new officers, committee chairs, and volunteers.

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  6. Steinport Campaign Gains Steam. by Jason C. Miller

    Libertarian Jeff Steinport has declared that he will run for (and intends to win) a position on the Grand Rapids Board of Education. The election will be held in June and Jeff is already on the right road. He has purchased the list of registered voters within Grand Rapids (our state's second largest school district). Jeff plans on mailing to the 5000 people that voted in the last election and placing 1000 signs throughout the city so the other 120,000 registered voters that didn't vote last time will know Jeff exists. He's also considering purchasing radio time, though some local stations have hinted they would like to do some free interviews. Jeff isn't just running because he's electable, he's running because of his beliefs.

    Jeff graduated from Grand Rapids Public Schools a few years ago and saw the problems that plague it. If elected, he will work to improve education for the students. His first priority is to cut the wasteful spending that Grand Rapids has yet to get under control (though important facilities are crumbling). The eventual goal is the system that will benefit students the most -- a private one.

    If you are interested in supporting Jeff Steinport's campaign, he can be reached at 616-447-0721, or via e-mail at jeff@electjeff.com

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    DEARBORN. The Libertarian Party of Michigan announced today its official endorsement of the Personal Responsibility Amendment initiative (PRA2000) to amend the Michigan constitution and effectively eliminate marijuana prohibition in the state.

    The ballot proposal would make it legal under state law for any adult resident of Michigan to privately possess up to three ounces of marijuana for personal and/or medicinal use. However, both commercial transactions and operation of a motor vehicle or other machinery while under the influence would still be prohibited under the amendment.

    "Libertarians have always advocated repealing drug prohibition," said Tim O'Brien, the party's executive director. "All drugs," he emphasized -- noting that marijuana is so mild a drug that there has never been a recorded case of a fatal overdose and that it is the black market in cocaine in its various forms and the opiate derivatives that causes the vast majority of prohibition-related crime.

    "The Libertarian view is stated very succinctly in the part of the PRA2000 amendment that reads: 'It is not the proper role of a limited government to interfere with the discretion of adults exercising informed personal judgment, but only to prevent and redress acts of injustice to others.' Why should this reasoning be limited to marijuana?" he asked.

    "Still, we have been around politics long enough to appreciate the practical difficulties of persuading our fellow citizens to restore overnight the freedom that was our heritage until early in the twentieth century when government nannyism came into vogue. We recognize that this Personal Responsibility Amendment is an excellent step in the right direction," he said.

    "It is especially important that individuals who are suffering from chronic diseases and the side effects of AIDS and cancer treatments be permitted the freedom to ameliorate those symptoms with marijuana -- if they feel it is the most effective medicine for them," he concluded. "It is unconscionable that government bureaucrats should interject their own prejudices into so critically important and intensely personal a decision."

    Endorsement by the 1600 member Libertarian Party of Michigan has provided a tremendous boost to PRA2000 organizers who must collect over 300,000 signatures by mid-summer to get their proposal on the November ballot.

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  8. National LP Chair Will Not Seek Reelection

    To the LNC and LPHQ Staff:

    I will NOT seek the position of Chair of the Libertarian Party at the 2000 National Convention.

    During the time I have been Chair, I have been pleased to observe the emergence of many young, talented, imaginative and enthusiastic leaders on the LNC and in affiliate parties. I am confident that the future Chair, whoever it may be, will not only have great leadership ability, but a Libertarian National Committee of similar people to make the best leadership team the Party has ever had. I look forward to turning over the gavel to whomever the delegates elect.

    Equally important to my decision is the excellence of our professional staff at LPHQ. Given the nature of the political beast that is the context in which they operate, our staff is a model of productivity, good judgment, and the flexibility needed to deal with whatever arises. Hence, I am confident that the transition to a new Chair, who is the Party CEO under our Bylaws, will not pose any serious problems even though this is a presidential election year.

    Lastly, I decided to make this announcement at this time so that everyone who might be a potential National Chair would know that the field is open, without an incumbent seeking re election. (Not that my incumbency would actually stop any serious contender.) This should provide plenty of time for anyone who wishes to run for the position to mount an effective campaign. My best wishes to each of them, whoever they may be.

    Please feel free to publicize this announcement to the fullest extent. The more Party members who know it, and the sooner they know it, the better.

    David Bergland

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  9. Leadership Conference This Month!!! by Jim Fitzpatrick

    Fellow Libertarians,

    The LPM's first leadership conference of the year will be held THIS MONTH on February 27th in Frankenmuth, Michigan. This free event takes place at the beautiful Bavarian Inn Lodge Conference Center (1 Covered Bridge Lane), and begins at 10am.

    This is the opportunity to "learn the ropes" about running an effective affiliate, dealing with the media, and preparing for a campaign. We will also be covering LPM services, state convention, and the Presidential race (top-of-ticket).

    Most importantly, all campaign paperwork usually done at the state convention will be done here. This will NOT be done at convention, so if your a candidate, you won't want to miss this!

    As mentioned, the event is free, but a $15 all inclusive Frankenmuth chicken dinner will be served for lunch. Those who wish to eat must RSVP no later than the 21st to insure a dinner. Please take a moment to email me at jfitzpatrick@webtv.net to let me know if you would like lunch so I can make the necessary arrangements.

    We look forward to a great conference! I hope to see YOU there!

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