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General Election Candidates Nominated in Gaylord

General Election Candidates in Wayne County had their papers filed at the Wayne County Clerk by LPWC Chair Scotty Boman and Gregory Creswell (he took the picture).
General Election Candidates in Wayne County had their papers filed at the Wayne County Clerk by LPWC Chair Scotty Boman and Gregory Creswell (he took the picture).

Greg Stempfle, Chair

Lansing, MI - Delegates to the Libertarian Party of Michigan State Convention nominated their statewide general election candidates for public office on Saturday at Treetops Resort in Gaylord. On Monday, all of the candidate paperwork was filed with the various state, county, and township election officials across the state.

The party nominated 61 candidates for the 2020 general election; nine candidates for US Congress, ten candidates for the Michigan State House, eight candidates for statewide office, and 32 for county and township races.

The two nominations for the State Board of Education went to Bill Hall, an attorney from Rockford and Richard Hewer, an associate professor at Ferris State, from Big Rapids. Kerry Morgan of Redford, and Katherine Nepton of Lansing, were selected as the party nominees for Justice of the Michigan Supreme Court.

These candidates will join the Libertarian ticket in Michigan along with Presidential candidate Jo Jorgensen and Vice Presidential candidate Jeremy "Spike" Cohen who were chosen by national party delegates at an online convention over Memorial Day weekend. The Michigan party also selected the sixteen Electoral College delegates that would represent Michigan should Libertarian Presidential candidate Jo Jorgensen win the state.

In addition to nominating candidates for public office, delegates also voted on a pair of resolutions targeting politicians from both establishment parties. The first was a resolution condemning President Donald Trump's use of US military forces against Americans on US soil and the second against Governor Gretchen Whitmer's overuse of executive orders to fight the coronavirus outbreak.

The following candidates have been nominated by the Libertarian Party of Michigan to appear on the November ballot:

2020 Libertarian Party of Michigan Candidates

President of the United States

Jo Jorgensen

Vice President of the United States

Jeremy "Spike" Cohen

State Board of Education

William Hall (Rockford) Richard A. Hewer (Big Rapids)

Michigan State University Board of Trustees

William Tyler White (Bath)

University of Michigan Board of Regents

James Lewis Hudler (Chelsea) Eric Larson (Grand Rapids)

Wayne State University Board of Governors

Jonathan Elgas (Brighton)

Michigan Supreme Court Justice (Non-partisan)

Kerry Lee Morgan (Redford) Katherine Mary Nepton (Lansing)

Representative in Congress

District 1 - Benjamin Boren (Charlevoix)
District 2 - Max Riekse (Fruitport)
District 4 - David Canny (Linden)
District 5 - James Harris (Fenton)
District 6 - Jeffrey Depoy (Berrien Center)
District 8 - Joseph Hartman (Pinckney)
District 9 - Michael Saliba (Clinton Township)
District 11 - Leonard Schwartz (Oak Park) District 14 - Lisa Lane Gioia (West Bloomfield)

State Representative

District 1 - Gregory Creswell (Detroit)
District 27 - Gregory Stempfle (Ferndale)
District 28 - Frederick Horndt (Warren)
District 35 - Timothy Yow (Southfield)
District 37 - James Young (Farmington Hills)
District 39 - Anthony Croff (West Bloomfield)
District 63 - Rafael F Wolf (Kalamazoo)
District 64 - Dr. Norman Peterson (Jackson) District 73 - Ron Heeren (Grand Rapids)
District 104 - Jason Crum (Traverse City)

Antrim County

Mancelona Township Trustee - Donna Gundle-Krieg

Barry County

County Commissioner - District 5 - Dakota Keeler

Benzie County

Homestead Township Clerk - Frank Pelky

Cheboygan County

Treasurer - James Johnson
County Commissioner - District 3 - Andy Evans
County Commissioner - District 7 - Dana Carver
Benton Township Trustee - Mike Mankin III

Grand Traverse

Blair Township Trustee - Cory Dean

Ionia County

Portland Township Supervisor - Joseph Gillotte

Jackson County

Grass Lake Township Trustee - Andrew Wrenbeck

Kent County

Sheriff - John Stedman
Clerk - Jamie Lewis
Drain Commissioner- Alex Avery

Macomb County

District 1 - Deidre Griffith
District 13 - Matt Saliba
Armada Township Trustee - Jim Fulner

Manistee County

County Commissioner District 7 - David Holmer

Muskegon County

Fruitport Township Parks Commission - Richard Riekse

Oakland County

County Executive - Connor Nepomuceno Commerce Township Supervisor - Bruce Jaquays

Otsego County

County Sheriff - Joseph Charles
County Prosecutor - Jason Evans
Elmira Township Trustee - Ryan Pallas

Ottowa County

County Clerk - Mary Buzuma

Washtenaw County

Ypsilanti Township Parks Commission - Elizabeth Corder [incumbent]

Wayne County

County Prosecuting Attorney - Daniel Ziemba
County Register of Deeds - Richard Secula
County Commissioner - District 4 - Loel Gnadt
County Commissioner - District 11 - Jami VanAlstine
County Commissioner - District 12 - Andrew Chadderdon
County Commissioner - District 14 - Wesley Crouse
Plymouth Township Trustee - Joseph LeBlanc

Nonpartisan endorsement

Scotty Boman - Detroit Community Advisory Council - District 4

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Libertarian Solutions to Reforming the Police State

By Donna Gundle-Krieg

Police brutality was the target of this Juneteenth protest in Detroit. Photo by Scotty Boman.
Police brutality was the target of this Juneteenth protest in Detroit. Photo by Scotty Boman.
Editor's note: The Northern Express first published this article on July 4th 2020.

Americans are finally seeing the need to reform the way our society enforces laws, as the issue of police force has been placed front and center before us.

The Libertarian Party has been ahead of the game for decades on the issues of reforming our criminal justice system.

Since the 1960's, we have advocated for getting rid of laws that create "victimless crimes." We have long believed in holding police accountable. Last but not least, Libertarians believe that the job descriptions, policies, and procedures of the police departments need to be reformed.

In fact, back in 1969, Lanny Friedlander, founder of the leading Libertarian magazine, Reason, said, "The police of a free society, engaging in retaliatory force only, enforcing laws of a defensive nature only, would be bound by the same laws they enforced and would stand fully accountable for their actions."

No victim, no crime

Achieving this free society starts with getting rid of "victimless crimes." In other words, we need to minimize the opportunity for the police to act against the public. This means fewer laws and less intrusive enforcement of the laws that we do have.

In 1971, the fledgling Libertarian Party called for "the repeal of all 'crimes without victims,' such as the prohibitions on drug use that have driven so much of the escalation in aggressive police tactics."

Fifty years later, the Libertarian Party platform states: "Government force must be limited to the protection of the rights of individuals to life, liberty, and property, and governments must never be permitted to violate these rights."

"We favor the repeal of all laws creating 'crimes without victims,' such as gambling, the use of drugs for medicinal or recreational purposes, and consensual transactions involving sexual services."

Voters in Michigan took a huge step toward repealing drug laws when they voted for recreational marijuana to be legal. According to Pew Research, in 2018, 40 percent of all arrests in the United States were for marijuana offenses. Making this drug legal certainly helps reduce the opportunity for the police to act against the public.

Police accountability

In addition to repealing victimless crimes, Libertarians favor holding government agencies and their employees accountable for their actions.

"We support full restitution for all loss suffered by persons arrested, indicted, tried, imprisoned, or otherwise injured in the course of criminal proceedings against them which do not result in their conviction," the Libertarian Party declared in 1979.

"Law enforcement agencies should be liable for this restitution unless malfeasance of the officials involved is proven, in which case they should be personally liable."

More recently, Grand Rapids' Justin Amash, the only Libertarian in the U.S. Congress, introduced the first-ever "tri-partisan bill," which would eliminate qualified immunity.

"The Ending Qualified Immunity Act will ... restore Americans' ability to obtain relief when police officers violate their constitutionally secured rights," stated Amash.

"The brutal killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police is merely the latest in a long line of incidents of egregious police misconduct. This pattern continues because police are legally, politically, and culturally insulated from consequences for violating the rights of the people whom they have sworn to serve."

Police power to abuse

In addition to holding police officers accountable and eliminating victimless crimes, Libertarians believe that we must take back some of the tremendous power that society has given to police.

"Over the last 25 years, America has seen a disturbing militarization of its civilian law enforcement, along with a dramatic and unsettling rise in the use of paramilitary police units for routine police work," warned the Cato Institute's Radley Balko in his 2013 book, "Rise of the Warrior Cop."

He explained that he was referring to Special Weapons and Tactics, or SWAT, teams. These types of teams perform "no-knock raids," which so often end in tragedy when police kick in the wrong door, or when a suddenly awakened resident tries to defend against intruders.

This month, libertarian-leaning Senator Rand Paul introduced legislation to stop the use of no-knock warrants, an idea that Democrats are also pushing in their calls for police reform. The bill requires law enforcement officers to give notice of their authority and purpose before entering a home.

In addition to qualified immunity and ending no-knock warrants, there are many other reforms that need to happen. Nearly all Americans favor at least some level of change to the nation's criminal justice system, according to a poll from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, which concluded that "Americans overwhelmingly want clear standards on when police officers may use force and consequences for officers who do so excessively."

Thankfully, Americans are finally agreeing with Libertarians and implementing many of the reforms and policy changes that we have been fighting for decades.

The Libertarian party might have the deck stacked against it during elections. However, we have always been the first - and often the only - party to fight the battle against abusive government power.

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2019 Libbies Find Awardees at July 18th Luncheon

Greg Stempfle presents a Producer of Liberty Award to Norman Peterson.
Greg Stempfle presents a Producer of Liberty Award to Norman Peterson..

Gaylord, MI - The Libertarian Party of Michigan presented the long-awaited 2019 Libbies to four deserving individuals on July 18th at the 2020 Nominating Convention Luncheon.

2019 Libbies Awarded in 2020

New arrivals to the Libertarian Party of Michigan may have thought this headline was a typo. This has a bit to do with the history of the awards. Traditionally Liberty Festival Banquets have been held as distinct events near the end of calendar years during which award winners earned them. However, it was often a challenge for activists to organize a festival while campaigning on even years, so Defender of Liberty Awards were sometimes bestowed upon winners in late Winter months after New Years. So the LPM presented the awards in a different year then the recipients earned them, but it was close enough to the beginning of the year that nobody expressed any confusion.

After the record breaking Presidential vote results in 2016 the party needed to have a special convention in February to rewrite it's bylaws. Since this was a common time to schedule the Liberty Fest Banquet the Libby Awards were combined with the special convention.

Under the new bylaws the Libertarian Party held two conventions in even years, so the awards have been presented at the spring conventions since then. So if an award is handed out in the spring, it is for the previous year. This was the plan in 2020. Defender of Liberty Awards (AKA Libbies) would be presented in 2020 for accomplishments made in 2019. This was all cancelled due to concerns over the detection of the COVID-19 virus in Michigan. The next opportunity was on July 18th 2020.

Producers of Liberty

This year Norm Peterson and Jerry Bloom both received Producers of Liberty Awards.

Greg Stempfle nominated Norm Peterson:
I would like to nominate Norman Peterson for the Producer of Liberty Award.

The Producer of Liberty Award goes to "a dedicated, behind-the-scenes Libertarian whose quiet labors over the years exemplifies the backbone of the LP."

During my time as Political Director, Norm was one of the few people I could always rely on to step up and volunteer for the party. Among his list of activities with the party the past few years were he; helped start the Jackson-Hillsdale affiliate, ran for the Michigan State Legislature, is serving his second term on the LEC, this time as state party treasurer, helped with the Policy Manual, Convention Planning Committee, and with Libertarian Promise to Michigan campaign.

Jim Fulner nominated Jerry Bloom:

Mr. Bloom has been an active member of the Party for over 20 years. In the time I have known him he has been a fairly quiet guy, not one to make himself known at state conventions or otherwise seek attention for himself.

He has been a regular, sometimes very large, donor of the LPM and its candidates. He has never been one quickly swayed by the new flashy items on the block, but that hasn't made him automatically opposed to new ideas. I remember when I first tried to introduce him to Bitcoin, he had been extremely skeptical, but as the years have gone by he has continued to email me various articles on the subject evident that he's still reading, and eventually he seems to have come over to the side of crypto, even if in a much less pragadioucs way than I personally would like.

In particular I think this is the particular year to honor Jerry's years of service because of how he took the reigns so unwillingly, but helpfully.

I haven't personally interacted with Mr. Bloom much this year, as I moved to a new affiliate region 2 years ago. But what I have heard completely aligns with the Jerry I know. At this year's state convention he begrudgingly accepted the roll of district rep on the LEC, marking, to my knowledge, his first time serving in such a roll.

Not only has he gone one to diligently fill that roll by actively participating in the position he was elected, but taking lead in running the new database and its corresponding components.

Spokesperson of Liberty Award

Julia Miller & Martin Mashon. Founders of the Lansing chapter of Punks with Lunch.
Julia Miller & Martin Mashon. Founders of the Lansing chapter of Punks with Lunch..
Martin Mashon and Julia Miller jointly received the Spokesperson of Liberty Award. Scotty Boman nominated Martin and Julia. In his email to the committee he wrote:
I could write an extensive introduction for that purpose, but since I already wrote an article about these wonderful people, and how they have earned the award(s), I will simply share a link to it here: https://michiganlp.org/capital-area-libertarians-good-deeds-dont-go-unpunished
At the luncheon he referenced the article as Martin Mashon listened in and commented via an Amazon Echo. They are co-founders of the Lansing Chapter of Punks With Lunch, a humanitarian group dedicated to feeding homeless people. They were both arrested for helping a few homeless people take shelter at a heated public bus depot in the midst of lethally cold winter weather. The award committee didn't select anyone for the 2019 Promoter of Liberty Award. The Libertarian Party of Michigan Historical Archives lists all previous Defender of Liberty Award Winners .

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Second Sitting of 2020 National Convention Goes Hybrid

By Scotty Boman, LPWC Chair

2020 Libertarian Party Convention Logo
2020 Libertarian Party Convention Logo
Orlando, FL - Libertarians met in person for the second sitting of their National Convention from July 7th through July 12th at the Rosen Centre Hotel Orlando Convention Center. Meanwhile the majority of delegates participated through the Zoom teleconference application. This hybrid approach had it's challenges, but most core functions of the Convention were completed with the exception of the platform report.

What follows is a few impressions of people who were physically there along with essential facts like the officer election results.

First Hybrid for First Timers

Ryan Roberts, had a fresh perspective that didn't involve comparisons to other conventions:

For my first experience I had a good time. I got to meet a lot of like minded and friendly people at the convention! It was great seeing Spike, Jo, Matt Kibbe, John Monds and many other well known libertarians. The AirBnB that the Mises Caucus provided was comfortable and I am very thankful for the assistance they were able to provide!

It was also the first national convention for Libertarian Party of Oakland County Chair Connor Nepomuceno:

The Orlando convention was my very first national convention, and I would say on the whole that it was a wonderful time. I was happy to meet and hang out with a lot of the people that I had only ever interacted with online. Of course, I couldn't meet all of them because many stayed at home.

I thought the act of conducting business in a bifurcated way (in person and online) was clumsy, and I hope we never do something like that again. I think it exaggerated some factional issues in the party.

I'll leave you with an anecdote: Outside the convention hall was an exterior balcony that smokers came to congregate at, known as the "Smoker's Coughus." Meanwhile, there were Sheriff deputies inside enforcing mask orders that FL has in place. So, 10 feet away from them we were outside passing around joints, having a good ole time, not giving a damn about them. A Libertarian experience if there ever was one.

I'd also like to add to the public record that upon my return to MI, I had a COVID test done and got a negative result.

Wayne County affiliate Secretary Daniel Ziemba contrasted the two sittings:

I found the in-person convention far more engaging and fulfilling than the previous online convention, with the most prominent frustration being the apparent lack of confidence on the part of perhaps 60% of the online delegation that those present in-person had the best interests of all delegates at heart during the first day's events. Those in the room nearly unanimously supported the course of action eventually taken.

Hopefully the party can find more unity in action should a similar situation occur in the future. Beyond that, Andrew and I purchased the gold package, and shared some very enlightening conversations over meals, which we shared with Alex Merced, Jacob Lamont, and others. I thought the safety precautions in place were pretty reasonable, with daily temperature checks, mask requirements in hallways, and generously spaced tables in the hall (and plenty of wide open spaces at the corners remaining for anyone who wanted extra isolation) providing plenty of protection from the coronavirus.

Finally, on Sunday evening after the convention concluded, we shared cigars and talked with with Nick Sarwark, Danny Bedwell (LP of MS chair), Ken Moellman, and a few others (to include a party member we recruited on the spot). I found that meeting some of the people I had previously only known electronically helped to settle needless tensions developed online, and reminded me that we are on the same team (and a large team at that), united against the forces of a political system which would rather we remain silent.

Of course our State Chair is no stranger to national conventions...

Chair Report

Libertarian National Convention Roundup

It was an honor chairing the Michigan delegation to the Libertarian National Convention; both the first session on Zoom and second hybrid session in Orlando with remote participation. Our delegation cast a full slate of 34 votes on every ballot. We conducted 13 ballots; seven in the first session for POTUS and VPOTUS and six ballots in the second session for LNC officers.

A special appreciation goes to Andrew Chadderdon for organizing and troubleshooting the LimeSurvey polling and having an incredible amount of patience. Below are the results of how our delegation voted.

Second Sitting Officer Election Results
Second Sitting Officer Election Results.

Second Sitting Judicial Committee and At-Large Results
Second Sitting Judicial Committee and At-Large Results

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Trump-Whitmer Overreach Draws Ire of LPM Delegates

Politicians in voth establishment parties are out of bounds.
Politicians in voth establishment parties are out of bounds.

Gaylord, MI - At the Libertarian Party of Michigan (LPM) nominating convention on July 18th, Delegates unanimously passed two resolutions condemning overreach my two prominent major party government officials. These Trump-Whitmer over-reaches were both related to their reactions to 2020 specific developments: The civil rights protests against police brutality and the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Resolutions are statements of opinion on timely issues, and are adopted as described in the LPM bylaws. They are not permanent planks of the LPM platform.

Resolution Against Trump's Threat

We the Libertarian Party of Michigan oppose the use of the United States Military against Americans on American soil, and condemn President Donald Trump's threat to do so. Furthermore, we believe he has set a dangerous precedent by using this threat to extort governors into using more draconian policies against residents of their states. This is not only a threat to the life and liberties of individuals in these united states of America, but is an usurpation of state powers by the less accountable Federal government.

Because some former libertarians have publicly supported Donald Trump and his abuses of power, we must clearly state that Donald Trump is not a libertarian, nor is any other person who advocates the use of the United States Military against the American people. As a State Libertarian Party, we don't endorse any candidate who supports such policy and urge all other Libertarian Party organizations to withhold such an endorsement.

Resolution Condemning Governor Whitmer's Response to the Coronavirus Outbreak

The Libertarian Party of Michigan (LPM) strongly condemns the actions of Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer in response to the spread of COVID-19. We believe the governor has no authority under the Michigan Constitution to restrict individuals' freedom of movement and association unilaterally.

The LPM does not advocate any legal restriction of personal freedom; rather we advocate voluntary participation in scientifically sound measures to prevent the virus' spread as the most preferable solution (social distancing, rigorous hygiene, and the use of personal protective equipment). Only private citizens can achieve this through their own volition, whereas the Governor's actions are both oppressive and incapable of mitigating the severe crisis at hand. Moreover, her actions will cause irreparable harm to the economy of the State of Michigan at both the personal and societal level. Citizens will feel this in the form of lost jobs, homes, businesses and lives, along with the suffering that follows.

The mask mandate of July 2020 has redoubled the governor's tyranny, demanding business owners participate in the enforcement of state lawlessness. Moreover, Governor Whitmer has demanded the violation of ADA and HIPAA protections by insisting that business owners confirm that unmasked customers have medical justification for their non-compliance. We call for the nullification of this demand to the extent that citizens deem it safe to do so.

We therefore call on Governor Whitmer to lift the authoritarian restrictions in place and restore the human rights of movement and interaction to the citizens of Michigan. We also call upon the public servants of Michigan to resist these edicts and act to protect the rights of their constituents. Most importantly, we implore the citizens of Michigan to speak out against these egregious violations of human rights and demand a return to sanity and freedom.

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Officers & Staff

General Contact: Libertarian Party of Michigan: PO Box 27065, Lansing, MI 48909; Phone: 888.FREE.NOW.

Chair: Greg Stempfle. chair@michiganlp.org
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Treasurer: Norman Peterson. treasurer@michiganlp.org
District 1 Rep: Dana Carver. dist1rep@michiganlp.org
District 2 Rep: Andrew Hall. dist2rep@michiganlp.org
District 3 Rep: Nathan Hewer. dist3rep@michiganlp.org
District 4 Rep: Will White. dist4rep@michiganlp.org
District 5 Rep: James Harris dist5rep@michiganlp.org
District 6 Rep: Shane Allen. dist6rep@michiganlp.org
District 7 Rep: Jason Rees. dist7rep@michiganlp.org
District 8 Rep: Jeff Wood. dist8rep@michiganlp.org
District 9 Rep: Mike Saliba. dist9rep@michiganlp.org
District 10 Rep: Jim Fulner. dist10rep@michiganlp.org
District 11 Rep: Dan Ziemba. dist11rep@michiganlp.org
District 12 Rep: Lawrence W. Johnson. dist12rep@michiganlp.org
District 13 Rep: Andrew Chadderdon. dist13rep@michiganlp.org
District 14 Rep: Tim Yow. dist14rep@michiganlp.org

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Kerry Morgan. judicialcommittee@michiganlp.org
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Katie Nepton. judicialcommittee@michiganlp.org


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Huron-Raisin: James Hudler, (734) 475-9792, james.hudler@gmail.com or contact Larry Johnson at: michlibertarian@gmail.com
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Macomb County: Mike Saliba, chair@macomblp.org
Northeast-Lower: Zach Boyle, 989-255-4521, livovivo@gmail.com
Northern Lower: Dana Carver, danacarver103@yahoo.com
Northwest Michigan: Peter Biskupski. nwmichiganlibertarians@gmail.com
Oakland County: Connor Nepomuceno, Cjnepo1@gmail.com or Vice Chair Ben Carr at 248-919-8152
Southwest Michigan: Jason Brandenburg. swmi4liberty@be-innovative.net
Straits Area: Chair Andy Evans, (231) 625-8403, . amevans_1968@yahoo.com
straitslp.com or facebook.com/StraitsAreaLP
Upper Peninsula Libertarian Party: Chair Ryan Roberts, (906) 420-2995, . ryan_r03@hotmail.com
Wayne County: Scotty Boman, (313) 247-2052, scottyboman@hotmail.com
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Some events are also posted by their hosts at the Meetup.com site. The Michigan Libertarian recommends contacting an affiliate officer or check the Website (or Facebook page) associated with the meeting host (if they have one) before arriving at a meeting. Some meetings can get canceled, or locations can change with short notice. Contact information connected to most events can be found by expanding the item on the "Agenda view" of the Events page of our website.

August 5, 2020 - Huron-Raisin Affiliate Meeting, LENAWEE, MONROE, WASHTENAW 7:00 PM
Aubree's Pizzeria & Grill. 39 E Cross St, Ypsilanti, MI 48198
For more information, contact Larry Johnson at 734-475-9792 or email michlibertarian@gmail.com or call (734) 320-7237

August 6, 2020 - Livingston County Monthly Meeting, 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Cleary Pub. 117 E Grand River, Howell, MI, 48843
For more information, contact James Weeks II at 810.422.8769 or email jamestweeks@outlook.com.

August 8, 2020 - Let Her Speak! - Woodward Convoy, 12:30 PM - 2:30 PM
On Woodward
For more information, Look at theFacebook Event Page.

August 12, 2020 - Libertarian Party of Wayne County Affiliate Meeting. Order dinner at 6:30 PM. Business 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Leon's Family Dining. 23830 Michigan Ave, Dearborn, Michigan, 48124.
For more information, contact Scotty Boman at (313) 247-2052 or email ScottyBoman@hotmail.com

August 12, 2020 - Libertarians of Macomb County Affiliate Meeting, 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Ike's Restaurant. 38550 Van Dyke Ave, Sterling Heights, MI 48312.
FYI, LMC in addition to is meeting in place at Ike's the actual business will be conducted via videoconference. https://meet.jit.si/LMC
For more information, contact Mike Saliba at macomblp@gmail.com

August 16, 2019 - Capital Area Affiliate Meeting 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
CALP monthly business meeting, to be held over Discord teleconfelerence app.
or in person at Harpers Bar Restaurant and Brew Pub. 131 Albert Ave, East Lansing, Michigan 48823
Contact Luke Sciberras at 248-302-1064 or email lpsciberras@gmail.com for event details and instructions to join.
Times and locations of business meetings may very from month to month.

August 19, 2020 - Jackson-Hillsdale Libertarian Party Affiliate Meeting, 7:00 PM.
Zoom video conference
Event Facebook Post or
Steves'Ranch Family Resturant. 311 Louis Glick Hwy. Jackson, MI 49201. Call ahead to verify that they are open and expecting a JHLP meeting (517) 787 - 4367. For more information, contact Norman Peterson. norman.peterson@comcast.net

August 19, 2020 - The Libertarian Party of Oakland County Affiliate Meeting, Dinner at 6:30 PM, meeting at 7:30 PM.
Farmhouse Coffee and Ice Cream. 29936 W 12 Mile Rd, Farmington Hills, MI 48334.
More information posted at lpocmi.org Details subject to change
For more information contact Connor Nepomuceno, Cjnepo1@gmail.com or Vice Chair Ben Carr at 248-919-8152

August 19, 2020 - The Libertarian Party of Northwest Michigan Business Meeting, Zoom 6:30-8:30 PM.
This is our monthly business meeting which will be held online. Please go to this link to join the meeting. https://zoom.us/j/117983191?pwd=ZFI1Q1Fna1Q3bTZud0FpOUdtZTFTQT09

September 2, 2020 - Huron-Raisin Affiliate Meeting, LENAWEE, MONROE, WASHTENAW 7:00 PM
Aubree's Pizzeria & Grill. 39 E Cross St, Ypsilanti, MI 48198
For more information, contact Larry Johnson at 734-475-9792 or email michlibertarian@gmail.com or call (734) 320-7237

September 3, 2020 - Livingston County Monthly Meeting, 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Cleary Pub. 117 E Grand River, Howell, MI, 48843
For more information, contact James Weeks II at 810.422.8769 or email jamestweeks@outlook.com.

September 9, 2020 - Freedom for Lucas Gerhard, 8:00AM-5:00 PM (Time may change)
319 Court Street, Sault Ste Marie MI
For more information, contact Chair Andy Evans, (231) 625-8403, . amevans_1968@yahoo.com
straitslp.com or https://www.facebook.com/StraitsAreaLP/

September 13, 2020 - Straits Area Affiliate Meeting, 3:00 PM CHEBOYGAN, EMMET, OTSEGO, PRESQUE ISLE
Biere de Mac Brew Works. 14277 Mackinaw Hwy, Mackinaw City, MI 49701
For more information, contact Chair Andy Evans, (231) 625-8403, . amevans_1968@yahoo.com
straitslp.com or https://www.facebook.com/StraitsAreaLP/

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