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Republicans Try to Ban Third-Party Voters From Redistricting Commission

By Bill Hall, Chair

Michigan Capitol Building
Michigan Capitol Building

Following their losses in the November election, the Republican legislature moved swiftly to exploit the lame-duck session of the Michigan legislature. They proposed hundreds of bills designed to protect the interests of the Republican Party, strip incoming elected Democrats of executive power, and spend soaring tax revenues on their pet projects. Fortunately SB 1254, which would have banned all Libertarians from serving on the redistricting commission established by the recently enacted Proposal 2, was NOT one of the 340 bills sent to Gov. Snyder for signature.

On November 29 Republican State Sen. Phil Pavlov introduced SB 1254, purportedly to help implement Proposal 2 passed by Michigan voters in the November election. Proposal 2 amended the Michigan Constitution to remove from the legislature the power to perform the decennial redistricting of State and Congressional legislative districts and vest that power in a commission consisting of 4 members from each of the two "major political parties" and 5 independent members. Proposal 2 defined the major political parties as the two parties with the most representatives in the state legislature and independents as persons who affiliated with neither of the major political parties. Pavlov's bill provided that anyone who contributed funds to ANY political party at the national, state or local level would be deemed a member of that party and anyone who applied to become an independent member of the commission must swear that they are not a member of ANY political party. By definition, this would have disqualified anyone who paid dues or contributed to their national, state or local Libertarian Party in the previous 6 years from applying to serve on the redistricting commission.

Close Call

Fortunately, MIRS reported that SB 1254 was introduced, and we became aware of it on November 30. Before we could respond, it was rushed through the Committee on Government Operations and State Senate on a party line vote on the evening of December 5. Paul Connolly and I worked to prepare testimony opposing the bill and a news release. You may have seen our news release sent to our media list on December 10, posted here on our website. Scotty Boman also promoted it on our Facebook page.

SB 1254 was sent to the Michigan House of Representatives Elections and Ethics Committee for consideration. Fortunately, we were not the only ones who began to raise the hue and cry about the bill. Voters Not Politicians, who put Proposal 2 on the ballot, publicized an opinion from its attorneys concluding that the bill was unconstitutional. Voters began calling their representatives to oppose the bill.

The House Elections and Ethics Committee scheduled a hearing for early morning December 19. We were afraid they would take action to pass the bill out of committee. LPM Legislative Committee chair Will White showed up bright and early with our prepared testimony. He spoke with Committee Chair Aaron Miller and was told that he had "no plans to bring it before the committee at this time." This confirmed reports from MIRS and Gongwer early that same morning that the bill might be dead. Fortunately, they were right; the committee never considered and passed SB 1254.

Get Involved

One of our important tasks as a political party is to provide a Libertarian view on proposed legislation. We did on this bill and have in the past on bills such as for no-fault auto insurance reform. If you would like to help out by following pending legislation, preparing testimony and news releases, or testifying before the legislature, please contact Legislative Committee chair Will White at whitewi5@msu.edu.

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Scotty Boman Organizes Press Conference on Police Beating of Naked Woman

Detroit, MI - Long-time Libertarian activist Scotty Boman organized a press conference that two of Southeast Michigan's major television news stations broadcasted. He sent out a news release on behalf of Detroit Residents Advancing Civilian Oversight (D.R.A.C.O.) in which he announced that two prominent Detroiters would join him in expressing their displeasure about how a Detroit Police Department (DPD) officer handled an unarmed woman at the Detroit Receiving Hospital.

From left to right: Charles Williams III (NAN-MI), Commissioner Willie E. Burton (BOPC), and Scotty Boman (DRACO).
Boman, who founded DRACO, was joined by Detroit Police Commissioner Willie E. Burton, and National Action Network (Michigan Chapter) President Reverend Charles Williams II who gathered across from the Detroit Receiving Hospital emergency entrance at 11:00 AM on Tuesday December 18th.

Jason Colthorp of News 4 (WDIV) and Amy Lang of Fox 2 (WJBK) interviewed the three community leaders. Burton and Boman appeared on the News 4 broadcast and Burton and Williams on Fox 2.

"Officer after officer is saying, 'This is what any officer would do'..." Boman told reporters in reference to DPD officers speaking during public comments at a Board of Police Commissioners meeting.


A cell phone video surfaced in August that captured Detroit Police Corporal Dwayne Jones repeatedly punching a naked, unarmed woman as other officers restrained her. Shortly after this Police Chief James Craig suspended Jones with pay. On December 3rd the Wayne County prosecutor's office arraigned Jones on felony misconduct and misdemeanor assault and battery charges.

On Thursday, December 6th The Detroit Board of Police Commissioners voted five to two to return Jones to duty against the advice of Chief Craig who recommended suspension without pay. They took the vote after several Detroit Police officers lined up to praise Corporal Jones' actions. Commissioner Burton, who was at the press conference, was alone in asking for more time so that the board could make a fully informed decision.

Jones returned to court on December 19th (the day after the press conference) and the pretrial hearing will continue on January 10th.


"We need to invest heavily in training officers when they come in contact with the mentally ill. The police also need to look at what Minneapolis is doing, deploying case workers out on those mental health runs. Minneapolis has the best model. The program worked there it can also work here. " - Commissioner Willie E. Burton
"Wrong is wrong, this officer's actions were wrong. We must stand for justice." proclaimed Reverend Charles Williams II, President of the National Action Network's Michigan Chapter.
DRACO founder Scotty Boman remarked, "The job of the Board of Police Commissioners is oversight. If a blue wall stands between them and what is right, it is their job to scale that wall. Instead, five commissioners chose to be bricks in that wall."

Other developments affecting civilian oversight

In October the Michigan Libertarian reported that Scotty Boman petitioned for a recount of Detroit's vote to open the charter for revision and challenged the outcome in a formal request that he filed with the attorney general. The attorney general denied the request. The next step in the process would require the assistance of an attorney and none were found who were interested in taking the matter up pro bono.

In November the Michigan Libertarian reported that DRACO held a Detroit Charter Commission candidate forum and sent out questionnaires to candidates for Charter Commission to see if they supported keeping an elected Board of Police Commissioners.

It now looks like the Board of Police Commissioners has a good chance of surviving the Charter revision process. Five of the nine elected candidates (JoAnna Underwood, Nicole Small, Tracy Anne Peters, Carol Elaine Weaver and Laura Ann Hughes) told DRACO they would keep an elected police commission similar to the current one or with some improvements. This is a small majority of commissioners who agree with DRACO's core mission. One of the elected candidates (Richard Garland Mack Jr.) leaned in favor of an elected commission, and two of them (Barbara Anne Wynder and Quincy L. Jones) gave mixed responses. One of the elected commissioners refused to respond to the questionnaire (Karissa M.W. Holmes).

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Northwest Michigan LP Is Official

By Donna Gundle-Krieg, affiliate chair

The new Northwest Michigan affiliate covers the counties of Charlevoix, Antrim, Leelanau, Grand Traverse, Kalkaska, Benzie, Manistee, Wexford, and Missaukee.
The new Northwest Michigan affiliate covers the counties of Charlevoix, Antrim, Leelanau, Grand Traverse, Kalkaska, Benzie, Manistee, Wexford, and Missaukee.
Editors note: The new Northwest Michigan affiliate covers the counties of Charlevoix, Antrim, Leelanau, Grand Traverse, Kalkaska, Benzie, Manistee, Wexford, and Missaukee.

The Northwest Michigan Libertarian Party (NWMLP) has been approved as an official affiliate of the Libertarian Party of Michigan! The new local party selected officers at its November 13th meeting. In addition, members created bylaws, and set meeting dates.


(NWMLP) Selects Officers

Below are the officers, who will be meeting monthly to move the party towards our goals of electing candidates and conducting educational and outreach activities.

Chair: Donna Gundle-Krieg

Northwest Michigan Chair Donna Gundle KreigDonna Gundle Kreig
Donna Gundle-Krieg is a real estate broker in Mancelona and owns her own company, DEK Realty. She is especially passionate about property rights, and in a past life was passionate about growing the home schooling movement. Donna was involved in the Libertarian party for years in "downstate" Michigan, and is the Congressional District 1 Representative for the Libertarian Party of Michigan. She lives in Mancelona with her husband and has two adult children. Email Donna at nwmichiganlibertarians@gmail.com.


Vice-Chair: Ben Boren

Ben BorenBen Boren
Ben is an Entrepreneur who recently returned to his roots in Charlevoix after several years living in California and Nevada.Ben has been involved in the Libertarian Party for a decade, and his enthusiasm is contagious. His favorite quote is from Ayn Rand: "He will be an integrated man, that is: a thinker who is a man of action." Email Ben at Vice-chair@nwmichiganlibertarians.org.


Outreach and Membership Director: Ben Schultz

Ben SchultzBen Schultz
Reverend Ben is a Spiritual Caregiver at Heartland Hospice, and Owner-Operator at Northern Knots Wedding and Event Service. He was the first regular member of the local party. He has a special interest in the tricky balance required for Christians to be involved in politics, and feels that a third party alternative is necessary for our country to move forward. He lives in Buckley with his wife, and they are expecting their third child. Email Ben at Membership@nwmichiganlibertarians.org

Political Director: David Holmer

David Holmer, received 26.3% of the vote in a race for Manistee County Commissioner.David Holmer.
David, who lives in Manistee, is a Veteran, author, actor and much more. Most recently, he ran a very impressive race for County Commissioner and hopes to share the skills he learned on the campaign trail, so that the party can elect candidates at a local level. David only recently realized that he was a Libertarian, and has embraced the party with energy and enthusiasm.Email David at Politicaldirector@nwmichiganlibertarians.org.


Secretary: Peter Biskupski

Peter BiskupskiPeter Biskupski
Pete is an Architectural Designer and Draftsman in Traverse City. Although originally intrigued by Ron Paul's presidential campaigns, it wasn't until Gary Johnson's 2016 nomination that he became interested in the Libertarian Party. He enjoys learning from libertarian podcasts such as Part of the Problem, The Jason Stapleton Program, Ron Paul Liberty Report and Lions of Liberty. He is a firm believer in Matt Kibbe's slogan "Don't Hurt People and Don't Take Their Stuff." Email Peter at Secretary@nwmichiganlibertarians.org.

Treasurer: Joseph Hartman

Joseph HartmanJoseph Hartman
Joe is the president of Hartman Tax Services LLC. One of his favorite quotes is by Thomas Jefferson: "I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies." He and his wife recently moved to Bear Lake from Florida. Since he moved to Michigan, Joseph has jumped into involvement at the local and state party. Email Joseph at Treasurer@nwmichiganlibertarians.org,

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Four Affiliates Will Be Meeting at New Locations

Wayne County

By Scotty Boman, Wayne County Affiliate Chair

Dearborn , MI - After several years of meetings at Tijuana's Mexican restaurant, the Libertarian Party of Wayne County decided to have a change of scenery. The affiliate is grateful for the years of excellent service provided by Tijuana's. The new location is Westpoint Bar-B-Que at 25301 Michigan Ave, Dearborn, Michigan 48124. This meeting is on January third at 6:30 PM. The meetings will remain on the first Thursday of each month at 6:30 PM for the time being, but there may be additional changes in the future, so please call ahead. I can be reached by email at scottyboman@hotmail.com or by phone (voice only) at (313) 247-2052. Facebook users can stay in touch with us here: https://www.facebook.com/LPMIWayne and on meetup.com here: https://www.meetup.com/Libertarian-Party-of-Michigan/ The affiliate will be circulating a survey whereby approval voting will be used to choose the best time and place for Libertarian Party members who live in Wayne County.

Oakland County

By Greg Stempfle

The Oakland County affiliate will be meeting at the Rusty Bucket on January 16th and February 20th . The Rusty Bucket Restaurant and Tavern is located at 30450 Telegraph Road, Bingham Farms, MI 48025. Dinner time will be at 6:30 PM, meeting at 7:30 PM.

Southwest Michigan

By Jason Brandenburg, Southwest Michigan affiliate Chair

The venue the Southwest Michigan affiliate was meeting at has abruptly closed. The next meeting of the LP of Southwest Michigan will be on Tuesday February 5, 6-8pm at The Crew Restaurant in Kalamazoo

3810 East Cork Street
Kalamazoo, MI
(269) 337-9800
Take the Sprinkle Rd/Cork exit off I-94.

For now meeting days will stay at the first Tuesday of the month. Jason Brandenburg is still the primary contact for the Southwest Michigan affiliate.

West Michigan

By Mary Buzuma,

The next meeting of The Libertarian Party of West Michigan will be on January 9th at Burger Crest, 376 N. 3rd Ave., Fruitport, MI 49415. The meeting will begin at 7:00 PM. Meeting details and agenda will be posted on the Libertarian Party of West Michigan Facebook Page: https:/www.facebook.com/WestMichiganLibertarian

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Reflections on 2018

Scotty Boman, Editor

Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!

Another year has passed, but in many ways 2018 was different for the Libertarian Party of Michigan. Love it or hate it, this was the year that we played the game by the same rules as Democrats and Republicans (except for the hefty subsidizes that only the top two parties got). The high vote total earned by Gary Johnson and Bill Weld in 2016 invoked a clause in our bylaws that called for a special convention in anticipation of how state law would be treating us differently in the next election.

Thanks to the tireless research by Political Director Greg Stempfle we were able to approve a set of bylaws that were compatible with our new status. Since 2019 is an odd year, the bylaws will be up for revision. While setting a record for third party gubernatorial candidates in Michigan, the Gelineau-Thomas ticket did not receive enough votes to retain our special status. Thankfully the existing bylaws anticipated this possibility. We now have bylaws that seamlessly adapt to our change of status, and should we break that threshold again they will still be relevant. So we can take some of our experiences in applying the bylaws with us to the 2019 convention. There will probably be some changes but an overhaul isn't required.

2018 was also the year that we learned we could survive and thrive as a major party. We were able to leverage our status for better recognition by the mainstream media. We had precinct delegates and county conventions. We matured structurally as an organization.

It is also the year that Marijuana became legal. I know there is a lot of unhappiness that this newly legalized product will continue to be taxed as are other legal products; but for the first time, without the need to pay a tax a person can have 10 ounces of marijuana on hand along with 12 plants, and risk no legal penalty. No taxes, fines, fees, jail time, or prison time. Previously ten ounces and a garden could easily lead to imprisonment. On the down side it's only ten ounces.

Then that lame duck session. 2018 was the year that the Republican governor signed a bill into law that will censor what Michiganders can post on the internet. He also signed a bill to make the already herculean task of getting an initiative on the ballot even more difficult.

It is the year that we lost two fine activists: Edward Karpinski and Richard Gach.

Other voices

I asked visitors to the LPM Facebook page what they thought some of the more notable events in 2018 were and here are some of their responses:

Michigan had a big year with legalizing pot and our first Libertarian primary for governor - Abigail Ferguson
The Democrat party self destructing and paving the way for Libertarians to become the second party in our two party system. - Brian Haire
Trumps attacks on everyone in America except his friends, and his attacks on the free press. - Dean Rourk
In Michigan, there is an elected Drain Commissioner in Muskegon County who is being recalled for fraud. I've talked to family and it's legit corruption. This is LP gold. - Jennifer Moore
  • Amash got re-elected
  • Recreational cannabis is legal in a couple more states - notably HERE - and a gray market is operating?
  • Ballot initiative in CO to legalize mushrooms
  Bad news is that we now have to figure out how to government is going to try to control the gerrymandering proposal even more than they already do - not sure yet if that was truly a win for the people... - Samantha Meurer
Pretty good showing at the polls! The message is getting out there. - Leon Hollowell
The good: Jobs came back, gas prices dropped, weed was legalized, gerrymandering was reigned in. The bad: officials acting criminally and not being punished, lack of transparency at all levels of government, over-regulation, and the disaster called health care. Goodbye 2018. - Rose DeJong

Libertarians in the News

We are destined to remember the most recent things, but I have compiled a table listing some of the coverage libertarians received in the news media. Happy New Year!

Michigan Libertarian News Makers of 2018

Title Media Date
Community leaders angry over decision to reinstate Detroit police corporal accused of punching woman News 4 WDIV 18-December
Public Safety, Personal Experiences Michigan Public Radio 28-November
Ballot Meridian 2018: Lisa Lane Gioia (LB) Michigan Attorney General HOM-TV Comcast 21 2-November
Meet the Candidates Stempfle (LIB - SOS) CMU PUBLIC TELEVISION (WCMU) 1-November
Public Safety, Personal Experiences Michigan Public Radio 28-October
Ballot Meridian 2018 General: State Board of Education Debate HOM-TV Comcast 21 26-October
Michigan election 2018: Here are your third-party options Detroit Free Press 23-October
Detroit should be its own county, Libertarian Bill Gelineau says at MLive citizen roundtable MLive 23-October
Dems look ready to flip U.S. Rep. Dave Trott's suburban Detroit district Detroit Free Press 18-October
Ballot Meridian 2018: Scotty Boman (LB) State Board of Education HOM-TV Comcast 21 14-October
Sick of Democrats vs. Republicans? So are Michigan's Libertarians, a party on the rise Metro Times 10-October
Scotty Boman For Michigan Board of Education Citizen Detroit 22-September
Libertarian candidate for governor still fighting for recognition in Michigan MLive 20-September
Libertarians Declare War On WDIV Gongwer News Service 19-September
Whitmer's plan to fix Michigan roads could raise taxes MLive 17-September
The money Schuette wants to fix roads with may not exist MLive 17-September
Edward (Correct first name) W. Karpinski Obituary Detroit Free Press 8-September
To The Point: Libertarian gubernatorial candidates WOOD TV8 2-September
Libertarian candidates say Michigan voters are 'ready for real solutions' WXMI Fox17 News 2-September
Libertarians Nominate Statewide Candidates for General Election FOX 47 News WSYM-TV 28-August
Libertarians confirm nominations for statewide candidates WZZM 13 27-August
Libertarian candidate for governor announces running mate WZZM 13 23-August
Libertarian gubernatorial nominee announces running mate Michigan Radio NPR WUOM FM 23-August
Libertarian Gelineau announces running mate News 8 WOOD 22-August
Bill Gelineau announces Lt. Gov. pick UP Matters WJMN 22-August
Who is running for Michigan Secretary of State? Read about them here Detroit Free Press 20-August
Libertarian gubernatorial candidate pushes for a seat at the table for third parties Michigan Radio NPR WUOM FM 18-August
Who's on the general election ballot in Michigan's Congressional districts MLive 8-August
Michigan Primary Election Preview Hillsdale Daily News 4-August
Two candidates face off in historic Libertarian primary The Detroit News 4-August
Spotlight on the News: Why these Libertarian candidates want to be Michigan governor WXYZ News 7 27-July
Where they stand: Michigan governor candidates on jobs and the economy Bridge Magazine 27-July
Let It Rip Weekend: Libertarian candidates debate Fox2 WJBK 22-July
Legalizing recreational marijuana divides candidates for Michigan's next governor Michigan Radio NPR WUOM FM 19-July
First-ever primary ballot puts Michigan Libertarian Party in uncharted territory MLive 18-July
Libertarian candidates for governor debate at WOOD WOOD News 8 15-July
Off the Record with Tim Skubick WKAR 15-July
Libertarian candidates for governor to debate ahead of primary WNMU-FM 11-July
Libertarian candidates for governor to debate ahead of primary WEMU 11-July
Primary first: Libertarians on ballot for MI governor WOOD News 8 10-July
Libertarian candidates for governor to debate ahead of primary Michigan Radio 91.1 FM Flint 10-July
Libertarian candidates for governor to debate ahead of primary WGVU 10-July
Skubick: Longshot candidates stay on the campaign trail WLNS - TV6 26-June
Two Michigan Libertarian governor candidates walk into a bar... Bridge Magazine 15-June
Redford's Tatar Making Bid For Governor's Office As Libertarian The Redford Sentinel 11-June
Look out for this wild card in Michigan's midterm election Detroit Free Press 10-June
Out of the Blocks (Episode: Detroit: MorningSide, part 1. Faith not tested...) WYPR NPR News Station in Maryland, 88.1 FM 5-June
Protesting son of former Royal Oak mayor arrested at police run event The Oakland Press 4-June
Congressional candidate arrested at police run in Royal Oak Detroit Free Press 3-June
Man arrested for protesting 'police violence' during Royal Oak police charity event WXYZ News 7 2-June
A Libertarian primary for the first time in Michigan history Michigan Radio 21-May
Here's who's running to be Michigan's next governor The Detroit News 21-May
Lamonte joins field for State Senate seat. Candidates file for 2018 elections Ludington Daily News 14-May
Nassar scandal drives interest in Michigan State University board election Lansing State Journal 14-May
Fruitport's Colonel Max Riekse... Runs for State Senate Fruitport Area News 1-May
Nearly 1,000 Michigan candidates file for 2018 election Detroit News 24-April
Nine candidates file to run for Michigan's governor Bridge Magazine 24-April
Names you'll see on Michigan primary ballots in August Detroit Free Press 24-April
These 9 candidates will be competing in Michigan's gubernatorial primary MLive 24-April
Libertarian Candidate for US Senate Seeking to Arm the Homeless Truth In Media 16-March
The Senate Candidate Who Wants to Arm the Homeless Explains Himself Vice Media 16-March
Arm homeless with shotguns to reduce crime, US Senate hopeful says Fox News 16-March
Senate candidate wants to arm the homeless Fox2 Detroit WJBK 14-March
Michigan governor's race: 14 candidates aiming to replace Rick Snyder Detroit Free Press 2-February
Richard Gach Obituary The Detroit News & Detroit Free Press 13-January

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Officers & Staff

General Contact: Libertarian Party of Michigan: PO Box 27065, Lansing, MI 48909; Phone: 888.FREE.NOW.

Chair: Bill Hall. chair@michiganlp.org
First Vice Chair: Tim Yow. vcaffiliates@michiganlp.org
Second Vice Chair: Greg Stempfle. vcpoliticaldirector@michiganlp.org
Secretary: Emily Salvette. secretary@michiganlp.org
Treasurer: Jason Brandenburg. treasurer@michiganlp.org
District 1 Rep: Donna Gundle-Krieg. dist1rep@michiganlp.org
District 2 Rep: Mary Buzuma. dist2rep@michiganlp.org
District 3 Rep: Jamie Lewis. dist3rep@michiganlp.org
District 4 Rep: Luke Sciberras. dist4rep@michiganlp.org
District 5 Rep: Mark Sanborn. dist5rep@michiganlp.org
District 6 Rep: Wendi Parker. dist6rep@michiganlp.org
District 7 Rep: Norman Peterson. dist7rep@michiganlp.org
District 8 Rep: Jeff Wood. dist8rep@michiganlp.org
District 9 Rep: Mike Saliba. dist9rep@michiganlp.org
District 10 Rep: John Kanan. dist10rep@michiganlp.org
District 11 Rep: Paul Connolly. dist11rep@michiganlp.org
District 12 Rep: Larry Johnson. dist12rep@michiganlp.org
District 13 Rep: Adam Zientarski. dist13rep@michiganlp.org
District 14 Rep: Ben Carr. dist14rep@michiganlp.org

Judicial Committee Members

Kerry Morgan. judicialcommittee@michiganlp.org
Ken Proctor. judicialcommittee@michiganlp.org
James Hudler. judicialcommittee@michiganlp.org


Webmaster: In Transition. Webmaster@MichiganLP.org
Newsletter Editor: Scotty Boman. newsletter@michiganlp.org
Deputy Editors: Norman Peterson & Mary Buzuma. newsletter@michiganlp.org
Ciculation Director: Catherine Filus.Catherine Filus catherine@catherinefilus.com

Affiliate Contacts

Capital Area: Luke Sciberras, Chair. 248-302-1064, lpsciberras@gmail.com
Genesee County: Chair Alex Cooper, alexcooperliberty@gmail.com. VC Dustin Reamer, 810-522-3136, olddrumbelly@gmail.com
Huron-Raisin: James Hudler, (734) 475-9792, james.hudler@gmail.com
Jackson-Hillsdale: Norman Peterson, (269) 330-2980 norman.peterson@comcast.net
Livingston County: James Weeks II, (810) 422-8769, j.weeks@riseup.net
Macomb County: Mike Saliba, chair@macomblp.org
Mid-Michigan: Tim Yow. vcaffiliates@michiganlp.org
Northeast-Lower: Zach Boyle, 989-255-4521, livovivo@gmail.com
Northern Lower: Dana Carver, danacarver103@yahoo.com
Northwest Michigan: Donna Gundle-Krieg. nwmichiganlibertarians@gmail.com
Oakland County: Greg Stempfle, (313) 929-1789, gregstempfle@gmail.com
Southwest Michigan: Jason Brandenburg. swmi4liberty@be-innovative.net
Straits Area: Chair Andy Evans, (231) 625-8403, . amevans_1968@yahoo.com
Wayne County: Scotty Boman, (313) 247-2052, scottyboman@hotmail.com
West Michigan: Jake Andrews. (269) 967-4071. jwandrew@mtu.edu

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Upcoming Events

Some events are also posted by their hosts at the Meetup.com site. It is recommended that you contact an officer for an affiliate or check the Website (or Facebook page) associated with the meeting host (if they have one) before arriving at a meeting. Some meetings can get canceled, or locations can change with short notice. Contact information connected to most events can be found by expanding the item on the "Agenda view" of the Events page of our website.

January 2, 2019 - Huron-Raisin Social Meeting, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Classic Cup Cafe, 4389 Jackson Rd. Ann Arbor, MI 48103
For more information, contact James Hudler at 734-475-9792 or email james.hudler@gmail.com

January 3, 2018 - Livingston County Michigan Libertarians social meeting, 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
The meetings have two parts:

  1. Meet and greet: Catch up with each other at 7 while we order food and introduce any visitors.
  2. Guest Speaker / Miscellaneous: If we have something going on that requires discussion before the business meeting, we talk about it. Occasionally, we will have a guest speaker.
The other meeting we have every month is the business meeting. At this meeting, usually held at our Secretary's home in Howell, the officers and volunteers discuss affiliate business. The membership is welcome to attend these meetings, which are announced at the prior week's social meeting.
Cleary's Pub, 117 E Grand River Ave. Howell, MI 48843
For more information, contact James Weeks II at 810.422.8769 or email j.weeks@riseup.net

January 3, 2019 - Libertarian Party of Wayne County monthly meeting, 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
After several years of meetings at Tijuana's Mexican restaurant, the Libertarian Party of Wayne County decided to have a change of scenery. The affiliate is grateful for the years of excellent service provided by Tijuana's. The new location (At least for January) is Westpoint Bar-B-Que at 25301 Michigan Ave, Dearborn, Michigan 48124.
There may be additional changes in the future, so please call ahead for future meetings.
Business and speakers, for the Wayne County affiliate, are normally scheduled from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM, but people arrive around 6:30 PM to order dinner. For more information, contact Scotty Boman at (313) 247-2052 or email ScottyBoman@hotmail.com

January 8 - Northwest Michigan affiliate monthly business meeting, 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
Toy Town of Cadillac. 122 S Mitchell St. Cadillac, Michigan 49601.
The Northwest Michigan Libertarians recently became an official affiliate of the Libertarian Party of Michigan, as members selected officers and set a regular meeting schedule. In addition, the group created official bylaws, which were approved by the Executive Committee of the Libertarian Party of Michigan.
The officers will conduct a business meeting every 2nd Tuesday of each month. Please see the Events Page for more information.
Business meetings will focus on the group's goals of electing political candidates and conducting outreach and educational activities. Anyone is welcome!
The monthly meeting will be also be held electronically as well. To join the January 8th meeting online contact Donna Krieg to get the current Zoom Meeting link. For more information, please contact Donna Gundle-Krieg at dokrieg@gmail.com.

January 9, 2019 - Libertarian Party of West Michigan, 7:00 - ?
The next meeting of The Libertarian Party of West Michigan will be at Burger Crest, 376 N. 3rd Ave., Fruitport, MI 49415.
Meeting details and agenda will be posted on the Libertarian Party of West Michigan Facebook Page: https:/www.facebook.com/WestMichiganLibertarian

January 9, 2019 - Libertarians of Macomb County Monthly meeting, 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Ike's Restaurant, 38550 Van Dyke, Sterling Heights
For more information, contact Mike Saliba at macomblp@gmail.com

January 13, 2019 - Straits Area Affiliate Meeting, 2:00 PM - ?
Great Lakes Grill. 817 E. State St, Cheboygan, MI 49721. For more information, please contact Andy Evans at amevans_1968@yahoo.com.

January 16, 2019 - The Libertarian Party of Oakland County monthly meeting, Dinner at 6:30 PM, meeting at 7:30 PM.
The Rusty Bucket Restaurant and Tavern. 30450 Telegraph Road, Bingham Farms, MI 48025. For more information contact Greg Stempfle, (313) 929-1789, gregstempfle@gmail.com

January 20, 2019 - Capital Area Affiliate monthly meeting, 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Harper's Restaurant and Brew Pub. 131 Albert Ave. East Lansing, MI 48823.
Contact Luke Sciberras at 248-302-1064 or email CapitalAreaLP@gmail.com to confirm location.
Times and locations may very from month to month.

January 16, 2019 - Jackson-Hillsdale Libertarian Party monthly meeting, 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Steve's Ranch Restaurant, 311 W. Louis Glick Hwy. Jackson, MI 49201
For more information contact Norman Peterson (269) 330-2980. JHLP Website: https://www.jhlp.org/

January 27, 2019 - Genesee County, 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Jan's Bar and Grill. 7499 Miller Rd. Swartz Creek, MI 48473
For more information, contact Alex Cooper at alexcooperliberty@gmail.com or Dustin Reamer at olddrumbelly@gmail.com

February 5, 2019 - Southwest Affiliate Meeting 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
The venue the Southwest Michigan affiliate was meeting at has abruptly closed. The next meeting of the LP of Southwest Michigan will be on Tuesday February 5, 6-8pm at The Crew Restaurant. 3810 East Cork Street Kalamazoo, MI. (269) 337-9800. Take the Sprinkle Rd/Cork exit off I-94. For more information, please contact Jason Brandenburg at swmi4liberty@be-innovative.net.

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