Happy Independence Day!
July 4, 2009

On July 9, 1776 General Washington ordered his officers to form up their troops and read to them the new Declaration of Independence “with an audible voice.”  Washington hoped the reading would “serve as a fresh incentive to every officer, and soldier, to act with Fidelity and Courage…” .

With fidelity and courage Washington’s army went on to face the British Army in the New York campaign later that summer.  They did not fare well in that battle, but by 1783 things had turned around for those who wanted to live in a free country.  Today, we remember their struggle and honor the memory of those brave founders of the United States.

While we don’t face a traditional army today, our struggle to ensure America remains free is daunting.  As our national government pursues an unprecedented expansion of authority into all areas of citizens’ lives, we must loudly voice our opposition.  And in our state, we must take bold action to bring economic liberty back to Michigan before our politicians drive us all into poverty.

Electing Libertarian candidates can give freedom a voice and preserve the economic liberty everyone needs.  On this Independence Day, please act with Fidelity and Courage to support those people trying to bring freedom and prosperity back to our state.  Click the button below to donate today to the Libertarian Party of Michigan. Because your financial support is so important to us, the first 10 donors of $500 or more will receive a privately minted copper $1 Liberty Dollar as a thank you.

Happy Fourth of July!
Emily Salvette, State Chair
Libertarian Party of Michigan